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I am enquiring about information on my great grandmother. Her name was Mary Anne Walsh (1976-??). 

She was born in 16th November 1876 in Garristown to Patrick Walsh and Anna Blake. Mary Anne was baptised in Rolestown church 18th November.

She had a brother Jacob/James born in 22 Apr 1880 in Pluckhimin, Garristown. 

In the 1901 census Mary Anne lived in Garristown.

On the 24 February 1903 Mary Anne married my great grandfather Richard Flood (1878-??) in Balrothery church. 

Both Mary Anne and Richard moved to Dublin where they had 6 children but only 2 survived.

Richard 1903-1903

Patrick Joseph 1904-1905

James 1906-1907

Patrick 1907-1984 - My grandfather

Richard 1908-1981

In 1911 census they lived on Arran Quay in Dublin 7.

I am looking for information on the Blake and Walsh family that lived in Pluckheiman in Garristown. I have visited Garristown and found nothing in the cemetry there.





Tuesday 12th June 2018, 09:44PM

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  • Hi Paul

    The marriage of Patrick & Anna is on

    Date of Marriage:05-Feb-1873
    Parish / District:GARRISTOWN
    County:Co. Dublin
    Husband Patrick Walsh Address:Pluckhimin
    Wife:AnnaBlake Address: Garristown
    Husband's Father James
    Wife's Father Christopher
    Husband's Mother Anna
    Wife's Mother Maria
    Witness 1Thomas Brien
    Witness JoannaBlake


    Annoyingly there are no Walsh or Blake records in Dublin in the 1851 census! I also tried 1901 but no joy.

    I couldn't find any birth/baptism records on roots for either Patrick or Anna with the above-named parents in any year or county; no siblings either.

    Possible marriage for Pat's parents:

    Date of Marriage:16-Jun-1836
    Parish / District:ST.PAUL'S ARRAN QUAY
    County:Co. Dublin
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Roman Catholic



    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 13th June 2018, 08:42AM
  • Hi Col,

    Thanks for looking into this for me.

    i found in the 1901 census Mary Anne living with her brother James in Pluckimin but no sign of her parents.

    Its really difficult to find anything after the census in 1901 for the Walsh family. 

    i may start checking te Meath records as some of the record i found had Garristown Co Meath in it.

    I do know Mary Anne when she married my great grandfather lived in Smithfield in Dublin 8 but nothing else after my grandfather and his brother moved to Tipperary. 




    Wednesday 13th June 2018, 10:05PM