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Looking for information on Frederick Cooney, brother of Nicholas, Matthew, John, Margaret, Charles. Born 1/4/1888 in Stoneybatter, the son of Catherine & Christopher, Died 26/4/1933. Did Frederick have any children????

Shelley Williams

Wednesday 17th Nov 2021, 10:47AM

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  • Shelley:

    I did not find a civil marriage record for Frederick and Christina. We only have accress to civil birth records thru 1920 at the free site  I did a quick scan of the Dublin records from 1911-1920 and did not see a birth record for children of Frederick and Christina.

    Roger McDonnell

    Prior message for background…

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 17th Nov 2021, 04:31PM
  • Hi Roger, I have something that was given to my grandfather by Matthew Patrick Cooney,I was hoping with tecnology I might after 3 generations of this item be able to get it back to his family.We are only the custodians. The 1911 Census shows Mary being 41 and living at home, so I dont think she married either, that only leaves Margaret ( Maigead) who was 26 in the 1911 Census. Would you have any information that maybe she married. I find it amazing that of Catherine Cooneys 6 Children 4 did not marry, that is hoping that Margaret married. I may have to go searching for John James Cooney in the USA and try to find out if he married. Other than that you would have exhausted all avenues of finding any family member of Matthew Patrick Cooney so I dont know what I will do with the item. Oh well I'm still going to be optomistic for the time being. Thanks Shelley

    Shelley Williams

    Thursday 18th Nov 2021, 12:27PM
  • Shelley:

    Margaret married a John Weiand in 1913. John may have been born in Germany. See fourth record.…

    I did not see any birth records for children.

    By the way, see your other message. Another volunteer found the Frederick Cooney marriage record.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 19th Nov 2021, 03:45PM
  • Thankyou for your help. Matthew Patrick Cooney was born 3 march1877 baptised 16th March 1877 at St Pauls,Dublin City. In 1900 he enlisted in the Military , Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Field Artillery ( Reg No 55978)

    .In 1907 His brothers Nicholas (B 25/10/1875) and John James Cooney emigrated to New York in the ship "Luciana" arriving 1 Oct 1907 He was 5 foot ( inches, blonde hair hazel eyes andFresh complexion, he was carrying 15 pounds .

    Matthew emmigrated to New York on the ship "Baltic" from Ireland arriving 15 March 1908. Matthew was 31 ,joining his brothers.The US Census of 1910 shows the brothers Nicholas ,Matthew and John as lodgers located at lincoln Boulevard, Chicago ward 21, County Cook, illinois

    Matthew emmigrated on the sailing ship " Aorangi" for British Columbia Canada departing Sydney Australia sailing via Auckland NZ,Suva and Honolulu arriving in Canada on 27 March1930

    Matthew was a ringer, station Hand in Blackall Western Queensland in 1913. The Australian Census of 1928 shows Matthew living in Sydney and working as a train driver.

    Shelley Williams

    Saturday 20th Nov 2021, 02:37PM

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