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1862 march 20th birth alicia dicher daughter to mary and james dicher 

1862 march 24th dublin saint pauls church baptism alicia dicher 

1901 census of ireland dublin arran quay rathdown road number 10 barony ward arran quay parish grangegorman 

    name      age   sex       position          religion                   born         occupation       status 

mary dicher 78 female head of family roman catholic county meath retired grocer widow                                          

mary doyle 42 female daughter roman catholic county dublin wholesale provision merchant widow 

mary eleanor doyle 17 female granddaughter roman catholic city of dublin scholar 

james doyle 14 male grandson roman catholic city of dublin 

patrick doyle 14 male grandson roman catholic city of dublin 

thomas doyle 12 male grandson roman catholic city of dublin 

trying to trace this family and the mary dicher born county meath 

liam hua duinn

Monday 8th April 2013, 01:06PM

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    Hello William,

    Going backwards from the census record you could look for a marriage record of Mary Doyle nee Dicher, this could give you her father’s name and her husband’s name, both of which should open up more avenues of research to you : Most Catholic records are held locally - One site which might be of use is - - where you can ‘browse’ an overview of available records per county. If you have any difficulty, you could try writing to the parish priest for possible assistance.

    If you succeed in uncovering her father’s name then you can look for his marriage certificate and also the births/ baptisms of other children. Civil registration records are available from the General Register Office (GRO). These start from 1864. You can access the website here:

    Best regards Michael.

    Michael Browne

    Tuesday 23rd April 2013, 09:32AM