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12-May-22 20:24
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 9 Hi Shane, That was silly of me.
by Glenda 16-May-22 21:16

Tyrrell Ancestors from Dublin

1-May-22 12:45
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 3 some siblings to your Julia :
by Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 1-May-22 14:32

Seeking links back to Irish family tree via Michael McCoy (d. 1906 in Nundle, Australia)

24-Apr-22 2:39
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 3 Just to add - some online trees
by Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 24-Apr-22 10:17

Find My Past Easter Rising & Martial law

16-Apr-22 8:06
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 7 Hi Roger,
by user_157209 24-Apr-22 7:25

Conroy family

16-Apr-22 7:02
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 4 Groom Michael Harvey born 1923 and
by Luisa2669 17-Apr-22 18:44

Trying to reconstruct the Floody family in Chapelizod

9-Apr-22 13:20
Ireland XO Community, Dublin, Chapelizod (Dublin), Palmerstown (Dublin) 5 You're welcome Just, and many
by davepat 13-May-22 18:27

Elizabeth Reid (Read)

8-Apr-22 16:42
Ireland XO Community, Dublin, St Andrews (Dublin) 2
by AG87 8-Apr-22 17:36

family lived in Grangegorman, 1800's

6-Apr-22 17:20
Dublin 26 Hello Again,
by IrelandXO Moderator DC 11-May-22 19:35

Timothy Roane 1815, Dublin

29-Mar-22 1:12
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 4 Yes he was born in 1815. According
by Traceymac235 2-Apr-22 13:05

Dublin visit advice

27-Mar-22 14:40
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 3 Hi HartfordofDublin
by Margot 28-Mar-22 15:20

Henry Charles Quinn

13-Mar-22 5:05
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 1
by ixouser841177

Rhaniskey or Rhameskey House

12-Mar-22 18:50
Ireland XO Community, Saggart (Dublin), Dublin 4 Thank you. My great grandfather
by Bobbi 13-Mar-22 19:31

James Banger/ Daughter Emma Banger Dublin

28-Feb-22 12:39
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 5 Siobhan,
by McCoy 1-Mar-22 10:36

Gamble Family

12-Feb-22 9:45
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 11 Hi. Margot. 
by Frank 18-Feb-22 17:06

Looking for family

10-Feb-22 16:47
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 2 I see a possible marriage licence
by Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 22-Feb-22 18:28