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Did you know my first cousin once removed?  (My dads first cousin) Geoge lived in a little cottage in Howth, was engaged to Cora Hughes but unfortunately Cora died before they got married.

George was involed in the 1922 trouble and was one of their leaders. He was imprisoned  i Mountjoy prison but escaped and also got 19 other prisoners out.

I would love to know what George was like as a person, not the political person so much is written about. also if anyone has his writtings, paintings or poetry.

Please get in touch with me if you know anything about Goerge.

Thanks and regards.





Saturday 2nd November 2013, 02:07PM

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    Have you learned any more about the above?


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    Clare Doyle

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    Clare Doyle

    Wednesday 30th September 2015, 04:32PM