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I'm looking for any information on the Butler Family that lived in the East Pier Lighthouse for some years around 1860 - 1880.

The family consisted of Father James Butler his wife Elizabeth (nee Wilson) and Children Maria- Josephene, Terresa, Emily, Georgina, Anne?, Robert Wilson, Charlotte?.

Robert Wilson Butler went on to become a Lighthouse keeper also and Married Marry Anne Williams 19/1/1886 but we believe he died shortly after.

Any information would be greatly appreciated


Tuesday 18th February 2014, 09:45PM

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  • Hi 

    I am not the volunteer for Dublin so have no local insight but I am familiar with the area.

    i wonder if you emailed the Commissioners of Irish Lights who would have been his employers they still exist see and the have An address for queries.

    also did you search the two online census for 1901 and 1911 at

    and both these subscription sites and

    once you register on the second site you can do free limited searches.

    Good Luck



    St Peters Louth

    Wednesday 19th February 2014, 10:42PM
  • Hello Again


    if you are still following this site I came across something today that may be of interest.

    I was browsing in a bookshop today and seen a book written by a Butler on life in the lighthouses around Ireland, this man was the 3rd generation lighthouse keeper and commenced training to be a keeper in 1950 so may be a grandson of your Butler, the book was only recently written.

    If you wish me to follow up let me know.



    St Peters Louth

    Wednesday 5th March 2014, 12:08AM
  • Hi Pat 

    Thanks for all your comments.

    I have heard of the Butler Lighthouse book and am told has no mention of my man. I have contacted another 3rd generation Butler Lighthouseman too but different family. Sadly Irish Lights lost most of their records in a warehouse disaster. Only the minutes books remain and they want 20 euros an hour to check them. (he would only be mentioned if he had had to be reprimanded).

    He died before the Census's (he was alive at his daughters wedding 1888) His wife Elizabeth (Wilson) possibly too (at least theres no one that stands out)

    Thanks for your help




    Wednesday 5th March 2014, 09:07PM
  • Hi Again Don

    I have been puzzled by your success but the lack of a death cert here as Civil Registration was well in place for that time, (this from a guy who cannot find his own data from 1897)

    Have you tried the Family Search site also just in case.

    While searching the census myself for an ancestor surname Thomas I noted that some people put the Surname in as the Christian Name and I found a number of Butlers by searching that Christian Name in the census but none that appear to be yours, also tried close spellings another mistake in transcription in my family and found a number of Butlars again none close to yours, also it appears that Butler is a Christian name in some families.

    Did you ever consider he may have moved to the UK and worked for Trinity House the lighthouse company in the UK or possibly the Isle of Man or would it be possible though unlikely that he started using the Irish or Gaelic version as Butleir or O'Butleir as we had a wildlife radio and TV person by that name.

    St Marys Meath

    Sunday 9th March 2014, 09:55PM