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I would appreciate your assistance in finding information about my ancestors.

Thomas Piers, b June 13, 1777, Meath, Ireland departed in 1816 for USA from Cork with his wife Eleanor "Ellen" Rielly ( Riley) b. 1784, and five children, Margaret, Joseph, Susan, Mary and Thomas. Thomas and Ellen married in Dublin. It is believed he was educated in Europe and sold a small family farm prior to departing Ireland.  Thomas owned land and work as a surveyor in Floyd County, Indiana. He was devout Catholic.

Thank you for your time and assistance




Friday 15th January 2016, 09:41PM

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  • Hi There

    this is a most unusual name and Irish records around 1800 and before are sparse. However I searched the name on a number of websites, firstly the Tithe Applottments done 1824 to 1837 as tax payable to the Church of Ireland the established Proststant Church There are some Piers listed with two in Westmeath and on in Kilixby. This should be a relation of sorts as it is an unusual name in the right place.

    I then looked at Griffiths Valuation done between 1848 and 1864 and got a number of Piers with 9 in Dublin, separate search for Dublin City and County. An Edward Piers is both a landholder and a landlord in Howth, this site comes with a little map which can be overlaid I understand (advanced computing for me I am afraid) but you can see it on modern maps, I should warn you that Howth is now very developed and up market area by the sea but lovely to visit. Our ordance survey maps are here

    Also see a Piers in Kilsallaghan, Dublin and this area is on the Dublin, Meath border so it coudl be the Meath you are referring to. Possibly pats of it are or were in Meath.

    Also Dublin BMDs are online here and and I see a Pieres lady even in the 1600s section. Oddly most of these records are Church of Ireland if your man was a devout catholic. To find records at this remove indicates to me the family were of some standing in the community as most Irish people are lucky to get back beyond 1850 or 1800 at best.

    There are 27 Piers in the 1901 census, appears only two families, one in Dublin and one in Armagh, you must select 1901 as default is 1911. See

    I tried the online telephone book for Piers and it appears to only bring back Piers as a Christian name but one caught my eye was a name including Piers which is similiar to the name of one given in the Griffiths as a tenant of Piers so maybe that is a link, see

    The lady's name Rielly is possibly Reilly which is a known spelling of the name or Riley as you give as an alternative.

    Catholic Church records are now online here but without precise dates they are a very difficult read. Let me know if you would like the link to the Church of Ireland records but the Dublin ones appear above in Irish Genealogy.

    If you wish to ask other questions please do.



    St Peters Louth

    Thursday 28th January 2016, 01:14PM
  • Hi BRT Again


    just searched Ancestry and found that a Joseph and Thomas Piers were witnesses at the marriage of Hugh Magennis and Anne Kieman (I would think this should be Anne Kirnan) on 27th February 1797 in Athboy, Co. Meath, so you may find that on the NLI Registers given in my previous reply.

    Also a grave for a Thomas Piers in Athboy but no year given with a link attached.

    Athboy is about 10 miles north of Navan the principal and interestingly near Westmeath so I wonder if it is near the townland in Westmeath you were giving.



    St Peters Louth

    Thursday 28th January 2016, 06:14PM
  • Thanks for your assistance, I found Eleanor's 1784 baptism record!  Still looking for marriage record. First child was born on 1808 so I am guessing marriage was 1807.



    Friday 29th January 2016, 04:48PM