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Patrick Rooney

13-Dec-20 5:31
Ireland XO Community, St James (Dublin), Dublin 2 I wonder if anyone is able to look
by Maggie 7-Sep-21 7:56

Francis Norris, born c. 1690

29-Nov-20 1:19
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 1
by ixouser710288

Fintan Lalor pipe band

28-Nov-20 0:49
Ireland XO Community, Swords (Dublin), Dublin 8 Hello again Jeff
by DOBrien 2-May-22 18:38


24-Nov-20 3:32
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 3 Hi Pat, Thanks for your  
by Glenda 25-Nov-20 2:17

James Keating born Dublin c1842

23-Nov-20 2:58
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 3 The oldest brother who came to NZ
by JuneykNZ 3-Oct-21 21:54

Jane Donne DC

17-Nov-20 5:27
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 1
by ixouser848389

RC churches with genealogy help

16-Nov-20 19:09
Ireland XO Community, Howth (Dublin), Dublin 2 You can review them yourself online
by kevin45sfl 16-Nov-20 20:03


13-Nov-20 21:20
Ireland XO Community, St Andrews (Dublin), Dublin 2 Hi larry, i think so , my ancestors
by Lauren 30-Nov-20 22:46

Bradburns in Dublin

13-Nov-20 3:20
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 1
by ixouser946337

James Kiernan Dublin

13-Nov-20 1:58
Dublin 44 When I posted my initial comments
by nanapeg3400 29-Nov-20 21:31

John McTague - Dublin

11-Nov-20 7:50
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 3 Hi, Billy,
by slipjig 12-Dec-20 7:16

Maher Crone family

1-Nov-20 9:46
Ireland XO Community, Moycarky, Dublin 1
by ixouser973786

Maguire and Fitzpatrick and Moore

29-Oct-20 3:13
Ireland XO Community, Dalkey (Dublin), Dublin 1
by ixouser142128

Edward BYRNE baptised 17 May 1828 Dun Laoghaire, St. Michael's, Kingstown / Kingstown Cross Roads, Dublin

25-Oct-20 5:21
Ireland XO Community, Dalkey (Dublin), Dublin 3 Thank you for your reply Mary. Yes,
by KMC 29-Oct-20 22:07

Looking for Grandfather information

20-Oct-20 14:31
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 4 Hi
by Gerard, Parish Liaison Lackagh 22-Oct-20 16:30