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Just visited this old Graveyard in September, searching for Kearney/Reilly family but couldn't even walk around with the grass/weeds so high, there are lots of Headstones.  I did send a message to Fingal re: the upkeep as a new housing estate is just being built beside it. I note there is a least one famous person "Austin Cooper" buried in it and who has a family vault in the old church ruins.

Rita McMahon

Sunday 4th October 2015, 11:21PM

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  • Beautiful photo Rita. We have a similar situation in an old graveyard beside us - nature tends to take over during the summer and things are a little more visible during winter when the grass dies back. Would be interested to know if you hear back from Fingal, I assume it was the County Council you contacted?

    Best wishes

    Clare Doyle

    Genealogy Support 

    Clare Doyle

    Monday 5th October 2015, 10:01AM
  • Thanks Clare,

    Think it has been like that a few years as according to genealogy Dublin FB site a nice young man had photo's of it in 2009 when it was easy to walk around.   Haven't heard anything back from  but I have a nice persons name that I will try as after a long time the same was happening to St. Marnock's Portmarnock where I have a Grandfather Tierney & family but now it's lovely and tidy with easy access. Thanks Rita 

    Rita McMahon

    Wednesday 14th October 2015, 02:48AM