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Hello, I am trying to find info on a Henry Goold Hillsworth born 18/02/1830 to Henry and Jane Hillsworth. I have the marriage of Jane Harrison and Henry Hillsworth at St Pauls Dublin, 1828. Then the birth of Henry Goold Hillsworth, 1830, baptised at St Nicholas Without 07/03/1830. There it says his parents were Jane Hillsworth and Henry Goold.??? Then there is the death of Jane Hillsworth 1835 St Nicholas Without. I can not find out any further info on this Henry Goold Hillsworth, appreciate any help.

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Gail Smith.


Thursday 20th February 2020, 11:17PM

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  • Hi Gail, Havent seen one like that before, Henry senior went through three wives in 12 years, as to Henry Gould,I didnt get to see the actual entry of the Baptism although I saw the others, and someone took down the details and transfered them on to a list.  Maybe its just an error on their part, There is a Edward Henry Hillsworth about the right age getting Married later, also there is a Henry Goold getting married in cork in 1863.  I would try to look at the actual entry of the baptism, Its not unusual for a child to die, or to remain single , unless you know better.  Best Searcher


    Friday 21st February 2020, 07:43PM
  • Hi, many thanks. Yes Henry did have 3 wives, and his son William Henry, it seems lived a bit of a double life. He was a in charge of different funds and a stockbrooker. Unfortunately he appearred to have a gambling problem and was sentenced to 5 years jail for embezzelment while working for a Mr Carnegie. The amount being £3800. This was in 1874. Do you know when prisoner mug shots begun.....would love to see a picture of this man. I have some of his prison records.He was in Bridewell and ? Mountjoy prisons.  I will look at the 1863 marriage for Henry Goold and see if it is a possible link. Its an unusual name to give a child, and I haven't found it in the Hillsworth or Harrison research I have done. 

    Many thanks,



    Friday 21st February 2020, 10:00PM