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Hello everyone ..

I am seeking information on my 3rd great grandfather and grandmother.. Peter HEALY and wife Elizabeth (Bessie) McGrievey/McGreevy (her name could be spelt another way) (aka McCrevy or McGrievy/McGreevy or MacGrenry or Gray).

Peter HEALY was born in Carrick-on-Shannon, Leitrim, about 1804... on his military papers he was born in Kiltoghert .

He enlisted in the Army on 28 May 1822 aged 18., in Dublin, Ireland.

We think he was probably married to Elizabeth/Bessie around 1826., possibly in either Leitrim or Dublin.

The family consisting of Peter, Elizabeth and their daughters: Mary Ann b. abt 1828, Elizabeth b. abt 1830, Catherine b. abt 1833 and Bridget b. abt 1835 .. all arrived in New Zealand in 1847 as Peter was sent as a Fencible to Auckland.

I would really like to find out more about Peter's family and Elizabeth's family if we can find anything ..

looking forward to hearing from you



Tuesday 1st May 2012, 09:12PM

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    The first place to start your search is in your own home - talk to elders in the family - find out abouttheir parents, grandparents etc. Perhaps they have a story of one of your ancestors? Things to enquire about include: occupations, places of residence, who they were living with(people often stayed with others from their home villages after emigration), siblings & other familymembers, first names (important -as usually past from father to son/mother to daughter) ages attime of emigration, possible dates of birth/death, religious denominations. Also ask if there are anysurviving photographs, old documents or letters - record all the information you can find. Write/telephone other members of your family to check details -perhaps they can remember otherfacts about your ancestors? Hopefully when you have done this - some clues will emerge! After youhave identified the emigrant- begin tracing the steps back to Ireland. Do you know much about their emigration? The dates, the reason why they left, who they mighthave travelled with..etc.? Generally more information was given at the port of arrival rather than theport of departure. If you knew which city they arrived at (e.g. Liverpool, Ellis Island), this could be agood place to find more information, and perhaps even find out an exact place of origin. Shippingmanifests can be checked ?which may lead to more clues. The next thing you could do is find the counties and places in Ireland your family names are mostprevalent. Look at the website and perhapssomething will match some other clue you may have found elsewhere? If nothing turnsup ? it is advisable to try different variations of the spellings of the names. If you have a possiblefirst name you could try the Irish Census 1901, 1911 at or the landvaluation record called Griffiths Valuation i also have made a list of sites that you mite be luckly in your seach good luck sir. Irish Military Archives: The National Archives of Ireland The National Library of Ireland CIVIL REGISTRATION RECORDS Civil registration records are available from the General RegisterOffice (GRO). These start from 1864. You can access the website here: SURNAME SEARCH You can check for information about the frequency of the name in the mid-19thcentury and any other variant spellings of the name here:


    Connaught Ireland

    Thursday 21st March 2013, 01:43PM