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Hi there Im trying to trace my roots and find out WHO my Grandfather was and his Roots . All I know is that His Surname was Kirwan and apparently worked for the Irish Indepenant Times in the late 1940;s - early 1950-s ( dates may vary) He was married and they had Seven Children , Mary Kirwan being the eldest and My Mother Jean Kirwan one of her younger sisters .Another child ,  a boy was named Patrick so this may be a clue to my Grandfarthers name . Any help or suggestions at all would be usefull. Ive been searching for over 30 years. Thankyou




Wednesday 28th August 2019, 09:59PM

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  • Hello,

    You need to provide more information. What was the date of your mother's birth? Also do you know the maiden name of your mother's mother? Do you have the years of birth for your mother's siblings? Where in Dublin did they live?

    Kind Regards,

    Dave Boylan


    Thursday 29th August 2019, 01:04PM
  • Do you have your mother's marriage certificate? His name should be on that.

    Good luck.

    Anna [Australia]


    Thursday 29th August 2019, 01:47PM


    Dear Dave Boylan,

    Thanks for your reply ...has I have quite alot of information about my Mothers birthdate and her Siblings names and approx year of Births ....shall I put them in private message?. 

    All the best 






    Tuesday 24th September 2019, 05:35PM