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Good Morning, I am trying to find information on my Great Grandmother and family she was born in Dublin circa 1848.  I have found Catherine Murray baptism in St Andrew’s Dublin.  Father is right name and mother called Catherine.  My GGM was in Liverpool in 1871 when she married William Connor, until her death in 1909.  Her father was born circa 1825.  I can find no further information on their Dublin lives.  Unlikely my GGM was an only child.  There is no information on the Murray family in Liverpool either, except for Catherine.  Many thanks in advance. Pat


Saturday 23rd Mar 2024, 12:02PM

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  • Eileen

    Saturday 23rd Mar 2024, 10:23PM
  • Eileen

    Saturday 23rd Mar 2024, 10:30PM
  • There are a number of baptism's for Catherine Murrays in this time frame but if you are happy that the parents names are correct then perhaps this is your Catherine.


    Saturday 23rd Mar 2024, 10:35PM
  • Thank you for your reply.  I have Catherine from Marriage to death in Liverpool and her children lives.  She seems to have been alone as far as I can find in Liverpool until marriage . My other great grandmother was Bridget Cullen baptism 1862 Dublin. Father Michael Cullen, Mother Anne Doyle.  One of the witnesses was Catherine Murray.  I don’t know if the Cullens and Murray’s were friends or maybe related by marriage at this stage.

    My grandfather was Bridget Cullen's son.  Robert James Campbell. My grandmother Catherine Murray’s daughter Alice Conner.  
    My thinking at the moment is maybe young Catherine came over to Liverpool with the Cullens, that’s why their is no trace of Michael her father or Catherine her mother in Liverpool so far.

    It’s a bit like doing a jigsaw with the lights off😂.

    Thank you so much for your help.  I will continue and see what else comes up.



    Sunday 24th Mar 2024, 09:08AM

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