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Hi Tim,

I am working away on the May research at the moment, but need to confirm the exact Patrick May, your ancestor, there were several May families at that time in Skerries, and probably all were closely related. Many had connections with the sea, working on various Skerries ships, but also merchants in the town. The most famous name currently and for some time is the existing May family of the famous "Joe Mays" pub and restaurant "Stoop your Head" both on the Harbour Road.

If you have any more information re any members of your family, I'd be very interested, particularly any dates, who married whom etc. as it helps to cut down time. There were many female May ladies who have probably married into most of the other family names in the town, so probably plenty of descendents !  If you like to email me directly it might be easier,

Kind regards,



Thursday 22nd November 2012, 09:16PM

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  • Hi Dermac,

    I know of "Joe May's" pub and there may be relation there but that is hard to determine at this point as I still cannot pinpoint my Patrick yet.  Thanks for your address.  I will contact you directly.



    Saturday 24th November 2012, 12:04AM