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3-Jul-20 11:05
Ireland XO Community, St Catherines (Dublin) 2 Hi AMX3 that is an interesting
by St Peters Louth 4-Jul-20 0:20

Carrigan ancestry in Co.Tipperary < 1850

27-Apr-20 12:10
Ireland XO Community, All 3 Thank you, M/M McCoy for the
by Tayt Taylor 29-Apr-20 12:02


23-Apr-20 13:52
Ireland XO Community, St Catherines (Dublin), Cork City (Cork) 6 Certainly seems like you should
by IrelandXO_DM 5-Jul-20 11:36

John Kelly and Mary Sheridan

9-Apr-19 0:23
St Catherines (Dublin) 9 Hi Debbie,
by creadau 11-Jul-19 21:23

Gilbert family tree help

21-May-17 13:35
St Catherines (Dublin) 6 My Moore family lived at 124 Thomas
by creadau 5-Jun-17 14:37

Edward Croker Tyrrell and Clarissa Jane Crooke

5-May-16 13:43
St Catherines (Dublin) 4 Thank you for trying!  I
by Colette Dillon Waldron 7-May-16 20:52

MALONE families, Weavers of POOLE St Dublin, 1800s

15-Jun-15 5:55
St Catherines (Dublin) 4
by QueenJ 17-Jun-15 12:05

Ancestors of Oliver Ledwidge

3-Feb-15 1:38
St Catherines (Dublin) 5 P S Here's one from St Catherine
by ColCaff 17-Jul-17 6:05

Looking for parents

2-Nov-14 8:04
St Catherines (Dublin) 14 thanks again
by eevee 4-Nov-14 6:27

Eliza Cryer

13-Apr-14 7:59
St Catherines (Dublin) 5 Hi Sandra,
by Hammy 29-Nov-17 18:38

MALONES of 5 Poole St Dublin

19-Mar-14 2:57
St Catherines (Dublin) 3 Just noticed your
by louisemalone 13-Dec-14 6:02

Reply to Joyce surname information

2-Mar-14 15:56
St Catherines (Dublin) 7 William Joyce
by BrendanJoseph 3-Mar-14 14:13

replying to an email message from coordinators

4-Feb-14 17:33
St Catherines (Dublin) 2 information
by cynoconnor 5-Feb-14 17:28


30-Jan-14 16:47
St Catherines (Dublin) 6 Patrick
by BrendanJoseph 31-Jan-14 8:07

Family Roots of Richard Williams 1837 - 1915 Ringsend, Dublin

9-Nov-13 2:29
St Catherines (Dublin) 8 G'day!
by StriplingWarrior 23-Aug-19 2:25