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Moore families of St.Catherine's and adjacent Dublin circa 1750 to 1850

Seeking researchers on the Moore families of St.Catherine's and adjacent Dublin circa 1750 to 1850.

Including St.James and or environs around St.Catherine's.


Wednesday 19th September 2012, 07:28PM

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  • As you probably know, there are a number of Moore surnames in the directories of the period.

    The surname Moore is also mentioned in the Rooke papers at the National Library of Ireland regarding some families of the Liberties, Coombe, and Cloth District Square, of St.Catherine's parish circa 1700 to 1800 plus or minus.

    Check some of our help tips at the St.Catherine's IRO home page and History pages.

    We will be glad to hear if anyone else has ideas, and or how your research is progressing.


    St Catherines Dublin

    Saturday 15th June 2013, 01:51AM
  • I am related to a Godfrey Moore (solicitor) married to Elizabeth McCormack from this parish. I have this info on them and their Grandson  William Gilbert Birth and Death dates a complete guess. He was admitted into the liberties and franchises of the city of Dublin by right of marriage at Michaelmas Assembly 1837 -Certificate- City Hall Cork Hill signed by William Ford Town Clerk Dec 18 1855 This then seemed to entitle William Gilbert to become a "Free-man of the city of Dublin" on 12th December 1900. 

    Their daughter  Mary Moore married Thomas Bruce Gilbert married 9 May 1860 in Parish church in the parish of St Catherine Dublin Ireland.

    Hope this is of interest/help. I know little else but am interested in finding out more.



    Sunday 21st May 2017, 01:41PM