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replying to an email message from coordinators

Not sure how to respond to an email you sent me:

(to "Gayle"username at Ireland Reaching Out,

We are the coordinators of the St.Catherines Dublin webpages at Ireland 
Reaching Out, and have communicated with you before, and we see you have had 
some recent new postings and comment responses, which we are glad to see that 
there has been some information provided to you (apparently from the that might be helpful to you.

You are always welcome to share your research progress or tips with the 
others here in the St.Catherines interest group. However it looks like 
perhaps you have some searchin  in St.Nichholas as well.

If you find any connection between your Wilkinsons and John Wilkinson married 
Manchester 1905, we would be intered to hear, because they are connected to 
the Moore family of St Catherines Dublin and we noticed an unknown Sarah 
Moore in your witnesses affiliations.

We would also be grateful if you find any connection to Lt.Col. William 
Wilkinson officer of the 30th Foot in the Napoleanic Wars, who served with 
Corp.John Moore b.c. 1766 St Catherines.

Thank you.)


but this is in regard to the name Sarah Moore.  I see her on my records as a witness to the marriage of my g-g-g-grandparents Thomas Wilkinson and Elizabeth Cullen.  The other witness is named Bulger.  In the other two records I have been given, for my g-g-grandfather and his sister's baptisms, I see more Bulger's listed.  Wondering if your Sarah Moore is connected to these Bulgers.  I find it interesting that they are so prominent on the records, and thinking they must be extended family somehow.

As for John Wilkinson, and Col. William Wilkinson<  I have no one in my tree with those names.  However, I have been largely unsuccessful in tracking the Wilkinson family back to the UK, with the exception of the three records I was given here.  My g-g-grandfather, Patrick Wilkinson, seemed to be the only member of his family to immigrate to Canada, from what I am able to see, and he died within 10 years of landing.  I started looking into the Bulger family, from Dublin, to see if there are any connections there, but so far have been unsuccessful in finding them either.  I will be happy to keep the names you gave me in mind, should they come up in my further research.




Tuesday 4th February 2014, 05:33PM

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  • Hi Gayle,

    I have forwarded your comments to the St Catherine's group.

    All the best,

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    Wednesday 5th February 2014, 05:28PM