Monday, 14 November, 2016
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We have collected on this page some useful and helpful ideas for exploring the history of the residents and places of St.Catherine's district. 

Samuel Lewis 1837 history of St.Catherine's district

Irish Times summary

Resources for Research,_County_Dublin


City wide and Ireland Research
(an excellent resources site to explore)

Researching Parish Register Help Page

Many of the same resources availale for Dublin may be of benefit to an interest in St. Catherine's.

1827 Dublin City Map

In addition to the sampling of references here, you might also look into the surrounding districts and general Dublin topics.

A Bountiful Community

As an urban area, St. Catherine's civil parish is the likely the origin of millions of descendants.

If you are lucky enough to know that your people were definately from St.Catherine's, we would love to learn how you found out the wonderful news, as this may help others who have a clue but perhaps haven't yet found the confirmation to strengthen their ties.

If you think your roots were in St. Catherine's, we hope some of the resources here might help, but moreso we would be pleased to hear from you as well because we might be able to help or refer you personally as well.

Or maybe you only know that your heritage was Dublin, and you are browsing here, trying to identify a specific neighborhood or parish.

St. Catherine's has great records avaiable, and it would be wonderful to welcome you home.


Start here with a quick glance back in time to St.Catherine's district of about 1848 to 1851:

Griffiths Valuation of Ireland - St. Catherines, County Dublin


On the following valuation Griffith's map link here, note that the red boundary lines of the various Quay Wards may not corespond understandably with the parish and townlands, wherein a  comprehensive map overly is needed.. (Please let us know.)


1901 Census of ireland (a sampling ofSt. Catherine's district

1911 Census of ireland


An extract sampling for St. Catherine's neighborhood can be see here

Partial Indexes of Births, Marriages, and Deaths have started to be collected at, for which St. Catherine's is well represented.


A gap in some clerk books appears, and fortunately, some of these are covered in published form as well.


Local Cemeteries


We also have the benefit, within a Caipitol City of Europe, to have street, trade, tax, and other early people list directories.

Dublin City Directories (some apparently collected online at

1824 Dublin Directory by Piggot (a sample page in pdf file format here

1836 Dublin Directory by Pettigrew

1838 Dublin Directory by Watson

1839 Dublin Directory by __

1850 Dublin Directory by Shaw (online at and

1862 Dublin Directory by Thoms (online at )

Ancestry Digital Subscription Site


Church of Ireland book index version of St.Catherine's parish entries (and adjoining St.James) from 1615 to 1715 at:,251,963,287


With nearby access to the treasures of the National Library, the National Archives, the Genealogy and Heraldry Offices, Trinity Library, City Libraries, and a vibrant historically minded citizenry, we truely are fortunate to feel connectied to St. Catherine's Dublin.

By networking together on our common geographical interrests, we can assist each other and become better aware of our shared heritage.

We hope you have found the information we have shared helpful. While you are here, we have a small favour to ask. Ireland Reaching Out is a non-profit organisation that relies on public funding and donations to ensure a completely free family history advisory service to anyone of Irish heritage who needs help connecting with their Irish place of origin. If you would like to support our mission, please click on the donate button and make a contribution. Any amount, big or small, is appreciated and makes a difference.