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My 2G grandparents Henry Stevenson (c 1812-1876, of St Mary) and Sarah Hardy (c1823-c1869, of Monkstown) were married in St Mary on 12 Aug 1842.  I wonder if anyone here could heelp me find any of their parents' names, or siblings.

After marriage, they lived at  107 Upper Dorset St, St Mary's Parish.  I believe their children were Kate, William, Margaret,Henry, John and Sara.

I'm not familiar with irish records and this is a real brick wall for me.

Any help or hints much appreciated.



Wednesday 27th March 2019, 11:37AM

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  • SInce the marriage took place before the start of civil registration unfortunately there's very little detail recorded in the register, so no mention of their fathers included in the marriage record in St. Mary's Church of Ireland Dublin CIty and no addresses or occupation, but there is a possible clue in the name of one of the witnesses - a William Hardy... maybe a brother or other relative to Sarah ?

    Monkstown and St. Mary's are the parishes where the bride & groom lived at the time of marriage, but might not be where they were born. The Church of Ireland parish of Monkstown covered the town of the same name and also the town of Kingstown (later Dún Laoghaire), and also the towns of Glasthule, Bullock, Glenageary, part of Blackrock etc..

    The register gives more detailed addresses for the witnesses which might provide clues - 41 Phibsboro Rd. for Wm. Hardy and 4 Kildare[?] St. for Robert Dyfen.

    The best place for parish records for Dublin city is the free IrishGenealogy website, which has most of the available Church of Ireland records for the city parishes. The website also includes records for some Church of Ireland parishes in Co. Dublin, transcripts for a number of additional Co. Dublin parishes are included on RootsIreland (pay-website). There's no sign that I can see of a baptism for Henry in the Dublin City records on IrishGenealogy, as far as I know records for Monkstown Church of Ireland parish are not available online at the moment.

    Pettigrew & Oulton's Directory 1847 and Thom's 1848, 1852, 1858 Directories show Mr. Henry Stevenson at 107 Upr. Dorset Street - no occupation or other details. Pettigrew & Oulton's 1845 directory shows a Catherine Hodgens, milliner and dressmaker at 107 Upr. Dorset St. The 1877 listing shows 107 as Mrs. Stevenson, and there's a possible match for Henry's death on the civil BMD index the previous year age 64. The image of this record in not available on IrishGenealogy at present but should be added soon.. Henry's Probate Calendar entry is on the National Archives website, and shows executor of the administration as a William Stevenson, son of the deceased living in Booterstown Co. Dublin, which is close to Monkstown parish.

    A possible clue in the 1868 listing for 107 - principle occupants are shown as Henry Stevenson esq. & Jacob Hardy esq. ... another possible relation to Sarah ?

    The children's baptisms are on the IrishGenealogy website - all St. Mary's Church of Ireland Dublin City residence 107 Upr. Dorset St. :

    John Hardy 1861
    Margaret Emma 1863
    Annie Francis 1867
    Frederick Joseph 1873
    Kathleen Amelia 1878
    William Francis 1878

    bit of a gap between the marriage in 1842 and John in 1861 - wonder if there could have been additional children ?

    shanew147, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 27th March 2019, 01:16PM
  • Thank you so much, 'shanew', for taking the time to research this, and  for replying to me so quickly!

    I am sorry, I should have nentioned that I had already found the records of the marriage, and the birth records for John Hardy S and for Margaret Emma S.  Those 2 birth redords show Henry's occupation:

    1861 - Area - DUBLIN (COI) , Parish/Church/Congregation - ST. MARY -  
    Baptism of JOHN HARDY STEVENSON of 107 DORSET STREET on 18 December 1861 - Father HENRY STEVENSON  MotherSARAH STEVENSON [Birth 14 Sept 1861]  Further details in the record Father Occupation GOVERT CLERK - Book NumberPageEntry NumberRecord_IdentifierImage Filename  N/R 48  N/R DU-CI-BA-143921d-277-2-9-048 - 3920

    1863 - Area - DUBLIN (COI) , Parish/Church/Congregation - ST. MARY  
    Baptism of MARGARET EMMA STEPHENSON of 107 DORSET STREET on 9 September 1863 - Date of Birth27 June 1860  Address107 DORSET STREET - Father HENRY STEPHENSON Mother SARAH STEPHENSON - Father Occupation CLERK IN REGISTRAR GENERAL OFFICE - Book NumberPageEntry NumberRecord_IdentifierImage Filename N/R75N/RDU-CI-BA-144132d-277-2-9-075 - 4131

    I shall now have another hunt for the other 4 births, and more records, in the places you suggested.  I hadn't come across Annie Francies, but I have Sara Annie, who is quite probably the same person.

    I have assumed that the  marriage witness William Hardy might be a brother of Sarah, and that  Robert Dyfen might be a relative of Henry Stephenson, possibly a brother-in-law, as the surname is different.  (I've never come across the name Dyfen.)

    I have not seen to 1868 listing for 107 Upper Doset  Street and am very interested to know it mentions a Jacob Hardy.  FamilySearch suggests Jacob Hardy and Agnes Martin as parents of a Sarah, Ann and Agnes Hardy, but I haven't found any evidence.

    Thank you again for your interest and your help.


    (in Scotland)


    Thursday 28th March 2019, 03:40PM
  • some records from IrishGenealogy that might be of interest :

    Marriage of William Arthur Stevenson and Sarah Frances Langley St. Mary's CofI Dublin city - 1866, three interesting items, the groom's surname, his residence, and the name of the third witness.....

    Baptism of Anne Hardy - 1820 St. George's CofI Dublin City - parents Jacob & Agnes

    There appears to be at least one other Jacob Hardy in the city around the same time - Baptism of Thomas Hardy - 1825 St. Paul's CofI Dublin City, parents Jacob and Anne. (St. Mary's, St. George's & St. Pauls are all in Dublin north city)


    shanew147, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 28th March 2019, 05:50PM
  • Thank you 'shanew'.  -  Before I forget, I have great trouble getting back into irelandxo, and have had to request a new password each time.  -  Also, I could only find your original reply in my list of messages, but managed to ge to this one by going through the e-mail notification again.  -  I just want you to know that if I don't reply some time, it will be because I have been locked out again!!


    Very kind of you to include a hyperlink to those records.  It has been a very long time since I last searched Irish records, and so am slower to find my way around.

    On thing that is becoming clear is that there were a lot of stephensons and a lot of Hardys who shared the same christian names!

    Henry and Sarah's daughter Kate was myGreat grandmother.  I have not found the birth record, but have her marriage records:

    1868 - Ireland, Civil Registration Marriages Index, 1845-1958

    Name: Catherine Stevenson Date of Registration: 1868 Registration district: Dublin North, Ireland Volume: 12 Page Number: 429 FHL Film Number: 101250 Records on Page: Name

    Catherine Stevenson    Donald MacRae -  Source Information Ireland, Civil Registration Marriages Index, 1845-1958 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.


    1868 - Ireland, Select Marriages, -1898 .Birth, Marriage & Death, including Parish . .

    Name:  Catherine Stevenson .Spouse:  Donald Macrae . Father:  Henry Stevenson . Marriage:  15 Jul 1868 - St. Mary, Dublin, Ireland . FHL Film Number: 101531 Reference ID: p429 ln7 -  Source Information Ireland, Select Marriages, 1619-1898 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2014.

    The US descendants I have come across are all 'Stinsons', by the way - just to confuse the picture more!.  




    Saturday 30th March 2019, 04:55PM