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Drew/ Kelly/ O'Connor Family : Upcoming Visit to Ireland /locating Family

Hello Everyone!

My name is J. Michael Drew ( Mike), I am from Chicago Illinois, and I will be visiting Ireland from July 13-23, 2016- so begining this Wednesday! 

I have many ancestors who are from Adare,Kilcornan,and Swords,  and surrounding areas and I am trying see if I am able to find any of my families burial plots, old farm locations where they grew up, any & all information- as I would love to visit the locations in my travels.

I would also like to find any living relatives that might still be in the area and perhaps buy them a beer and chat about our family history.


Here is a bit of information from my family tree.

Patrick Drew ( Drue) 1790-1879 and Ann Alford ( Alfred)  1790-1840 were my 3rd Great Grandparents

Samuel Drew ( 1807-1879 ) and Bridget Kelly ( 1812-1887) My 2nd Great Grandparents: Bridget and Samuel eloped and were married in Kilcornan. and She had a family farm somewhere nearby that she grew up on .

My Great Grandfather was Daniel Drew ( 1852-1908) he was married to my Great Grandmother Honora Lyttleton ( 1853-1940)

My Grandfather was Samuel Aloysius Drew ( 1876-1960) and he was married to Katherine M O'Connor ( 1881-1963)

I am trying to find any information for my trip to Ireland as we will be starting in Adare, then to Killarney, and onto Dublin.....and I am able to visit other surrounding places near these cities- and I want to have any information I can get to help me in visiting as many places that my ancestors well as connecting with any living relatives .

Any help or assistance that anyone is able to provide would be greatly appreciated..


Best to All,


 J. Michael Drew ( Mike)


J. Michael Drew ( Mike)

Sunday 10th July 2016, 11:10AM

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  • See posting in Kilcornan parish Limerick and response


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 10th July 2016, 02:00PM
  • Hello from Chicago,  Just read your message this morning.  I have loads of cousins in and around Swords.  My great grandmother was Ellen Mary nee Connor (1839-1906)  Do you know who Katherine O'Connor's parents were?  All the best,  Paddy    Also, I travel back to Swords 3 to 5 times a year.






    Thursday 4th October 2018, 02:36PM