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I have been researching my grandfather Chris Dunne who owned The Wishing Well Pub, Newtown Park, Blackrock.   His mother Mary Jane Dunne married  Chris Lennon and they owned the pub known as Bridget Burke's, in Killininny (Tallaght) from about 1901 to 1927.

So, any infomation about Chris Dunne (1873-1921) prior to 1904 and his first wife Margaret Ryan from Glendalough, or Chris' parents, would be appreciated.   I do know Chris' father William Dunne owned the pub before Chris and there is a reference to a general store being owned by [Chris' grandfather]  William Dunn (note, no e ) in 1842 in Newtown Park.   Wm Dunn may have married a Mary Murray from Booterstown in 1845.  Wm Dunne II married Mary Jane King who later married Chris Lennon. After Margaret Ryan died, Chris Dunne married Kate Turner, a pub owner in Newbridge, co.Kildare.

For my lineage, I'm interested in the Dunne's prior to 1904 (date of his 2nd marriage) and Mary Jane Lennon or rather Mary Jane King, mother of Chris Dunne.  


Wednesday 6th February 2013, 04:55PM

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    Monday 15th April 2013, 09:38AM