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I'd love to find some details about my Gt Gt Grandmother Jane Quinn. She moved to England (Kent) sometime before 1866 when she married my Gt Gt Grandfather Charles Smitherman,

In English census records she gives her birth as Belleek, Fermanagh, about 1842.

On her marriage certifcate (1866) she describes her father as "Patrick Quinn, Policeman, deceased".

But I've yet to find any more than that. I've been to the Belfast Records office (a long way from my New Zealand home), but found nothing there. I also visited Belleek. What a beautiful place and area, but still no luck. There are a couple of references to Quinn there on the Griffiths Valuations, but nothing to tie Jane to them.

My only other clue is that her marriage was in a Catholic Church, and as far as I can tell no-one in the family before then was Catholic. I do however now carry her fathers name as my own middle name, and their religion. So it would be great to find more information.

Can anyone help?


Tuesday 5th Mar 2013, 09:03PM

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