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Hi, I'm looking to find information on William H. Wilson / William 'Coiner' Wilson? Born c. 1831 Married Anne Jane Irwin and emigrated to the USA. Died there in 1891. He may have been one of a triplet and I'm hoping to find brothers/ family members in Ireland. Thank you.


Saturday 31st Mar 2018, 03:10PM

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  • I searched for a marriage between William Wilson & Anne Jane Irwin in Fermanagh 1850 – 1870 but did not find one on rootsireland or in the civil marriage indexes (which start in 1845 for non RC marriages and 1864 for RC). Nor did I find a William Wilson baptism in Fermanagh c 1831.

    The Church of Ireland baptism records for Killesher start in 1798. I don’t think they are on-line anywhere but there is a copy in PRONI, (the public record office) in Belfast. A personal visit is required to view them though.

    Photo of St John’s here:

    Wilson is a very common surname in Fermanagh with 569 of them in the county in 1901, of whom 41 were named William Wilson. So the name would have been equally common in the 1830s and you really need to try and get William’s parents names from his death certificate or other source to be sure of identifying the right family. Or, if you know what townland the family lived in, that might help too.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 2nd Apr 2018, 12:56AM
  • Dear Elwyn,

    Thank you so much for your reply and for searching records on my behalf. Most of the information I have comes from sources. I will try and locate a death certificate on-line and as you suggest that may give me his parents names. It s possible that this William (referrd to in my query) married in the US. There is also a suggestion that he may have been one of a triplet. I will continue with my search.

    Thank you for your time nad efforts.

    KInd regards,



    Monday 2nd Apr 2018, 06:38PM

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