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Hello! Hope someone can help as we are coming to Ireland next month! My husband's grandfather was John George Crozier, who married Jessie Staples. We know they ended up serving time in prison so don't need to be reminded about that, but we don't know what happened after that except that Dave's dad Beauclerc came to New Zealand. Please tell us if you know anything more: we would love to meet folk there. :)


Tuesday 12th Jul 2016, 10:55AM

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  • I assume you have this record from the 1911 Irish Census (free online at

    Residents of a house 1 in Gortraw (Mullynagowan, Fermanagh)

    Crozier John George 41 Male Head of Family Church of Ireland Dublin Living on Private Means Read and write-Married----Crozier Jessie Florence 30 Female Wife Church of Ireland England Read and write-Married- Yrs married 3 children born 3 children living 3

    Crozier Helena Ivey12 Female Daughter Church of Ireland Co Fermanagh Scholar Read and write-Single----

    Crozier George Armar 6 Male Son Church of Ireland Co Fermanagh Schola rRead and write-Single----

    CrozierJohn George2MaleSonChurch of IrelandCo Fermanagh---Single----

    Crozier Bearblock William Henry1Male Son Church of Ireland Co Fermanagh---Single---

    -CrozierDesmond Robert MaleSonChurch of Ireland

    I don't know why it says Jessie has 3 children when there are 6!

    It shows Jessie was born in England but I found this in the 1901 census:

    Residents of a house 5 in Carton Demesne (Maynooth, Kildare)

    Show all information

    SurnameForenameAgeSexRelation to headReligionBirthplaceOccupationLiteracyIrish LanguageMarital StatusSpecified Illnesses

    StaplesWalter44MaleHead of FamilyChurch of IrelandKent, EnglandButlerRead and write-Married-StaplesMaria48FemaleWifeChurch of IrelandSuffolk, England-Read and write-Married-

    StaplesJessie F20FemaleDaughterChurch of IrelandEnglandHousekeeperRead and write-Not Married-

    StaplesEva J13FemaleDaughterChurch of IrelandEnglandScholarRead and wright-Not Married-

    StaplesNorman F10MaleSonChurch of Ireland

    I couldn't find John & Jessie's marriage or John's baptism

    Closest death/burial record for John from GRONI

    D/1935/116/1013/11/405 John Crozier 18th January 193563 MaleEnniskillen(pre-1973 Q4

      Think I found Jessie:

    D/1965/114/1013/46/386JessieCrozier13th November 196483 FemaleEnniskillen(pre-1973 Q4

    You might want to order the certificate which will have more info but costs

    There are no Croziers or Staples in the Irish phone book in Enniskillen or Fermanagh





    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 13th Jul 2016, 02:48AM
  • This is the probate abstract for the 1935 death of  John Crozier. I don’t think it’s the right family:


    Crozier John of Brockagh Tempo county Fermanagh farmer died 18 January 1935 Probate Londonderry 1 April to reverend Francis St. Clair Caithness clerk and Hugh J. Stewart farmer and justice of the peace. Effects £1102 5s. 3d.

    I think this is the correct one though:

    Crozier John George of Gortra Newtownbutler county Fermanagh farmer died 29 November 1932 Probate Londonderry 21 June to Jessie Florence Crozier the widow. Effects £161 5s. 10d.A W/A D.B.N. D.R. 3.11.69

    The will and full probate file should be in PRONI in Belfast. You’ll see that the estate was not wound up until 37 years after George’s death. The abstract is annotated DBN which means the executor was unable to undertake his/her duties, either through incapacity or some other factor (eg living abroad) and the estate remained administered for that very lengthy period. Possibly this oversight only came to light after Jessie’s own death.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 13th Jul 2016, 03:47PM
  • Hello DandJCrozier -- I have just found this posting of yours, from several years ago -- but as you can see from the name -- I also am a Crozier. My family immigrated to Canada from Co. Tyrone, but in tracing our DNA, we've found many relatives in Fermanagh and I know that most of the Croziers lived in Fermanagh (following the plantation from the Scottish Borders). I'd really love to be in contact with you -- I am on Ancestry, FTDNA, and MyHeritage -- look forward to e-chatting with you,  and hope you did make that trip to Ireland that you'd been planning in 2016! Cheers, Jean Crozier

    Writing Genealogist

    Thursday 27th Aug 2020, 04:32PM
  • Hi,

    I only just seen this message and am now following this conversation.  My family are the current owners of Gortraw, Newtownbutler - where the Crozier family lived and your extended family.  If you ever visit Ireland again you are more than welcome to call.




    Wednesday 2nd Dec 2020, 03:37PM
  • Please feel free to contact me directly! We have not made it to Ireland yet but really want to. We also have not been able to find any living relatives of our Crozier family back in UK/Ireland.
    Janet Crozier:


    Thursday 3rd Dec 2020, 07:46AM
  • Hi there, 

    My name is Vanessa Waldron and I am currently researching the Crozier family of Gortraw House for a dissertation topic through the University of Cork. I understand the sensitivity of past events and my research is not to condemn any individual, my research is to understand better the justice system of the time. If anyone has any information or photographs they would be happy to share or to engage in chat about the area I would be absolutely happy too. Unfortunately, COVID restrictions are hampering my research and access to archive material.

    I can also share my dissertation when it is finished with anyone who would be interested. 

    Many thanks and happy New Year to you all, 

    Vanessa Waldron


    VWHartley. IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Saturday 9th Jan 2021, 02:31PM

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