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I am interested in the family of Johnston Graham, b.1817 son of James Graham and Jane Lipton.   His family lived at Round Hill.   I would loke to hear from anyone interested in this family.   Johnston came to Australia in 1839 and I have traced his family here in NSW.

Elaine Graham


Sunday 21st Feb 2016, 01:10AM

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  • Hello Elaine,

    I found a marriage record on for james Graham and Jane Lipton on 08 Mar 1802.  His address is given as Clones Parish of Magheracross.  Hers is given as Shannock Hill.  Record is in Co Monaghan.

    I can't find a baptism record for Johnston Graham.  Indeed I can't find any children listed as born to them.

    Sorry I can't be of more assistance to you,

    Kind regards,

    Anne Dennehy


    Sunday 21st Feb 2016, 05:25PM
  • Thanks for that Annehy.  Interesting.   As far as I know their children were born in Ballinamallard.

    I have Alice, 17 Dec, 1804, Jane 15 Jan 1807, William 30 Nov 1808, Eleanor 15 July, 1811, John 21 Nov 1814, Johnston 19 Dec, 1817 and Mary 28 Dec 1819 so far.

    Can you tell me if these would be birth or baptism dates?



    Monday 22nd Feb 2016, 06:47AM
  • Hi Elaine,

    These records are definitely church records not civil records.  Civil registration began in Ireland in 1864 when all births and marriages had to be registered.  However Protestant registration began in 1845.  Just because I cant find the records doesn't mean they don't exist.  Not all records are online yet.

    The record that I found doesn't give a denomination so I dont know if they were catholic or protestant.  If they were catholic then you might try looking through the parish registers (free to view) at the national library.  Online at   Click o family history. Then view the catholic parish registers.  It will ask you for a parish you wish to search.  Try Clones and Magheracross and Carrickmacross.  As you have dates to go on it should make it a bit easier.

    You don't say from where you got your information?  If it was a tombstone then I would suggest you keep an open mind regarding dates.  Most people who emigrated at that time and later were totally illiterate and undocumented.  Their names were recorded phonetically.  their ages were guessed at port of arrival.  So just keep an open mind.




    Tuesday 23rd Feb 2016, 02:18PM
  • I think most of the dates I found on George Armstrong's transcriptions of Parish Records.   They begin about 1800.

    The Grahams were Protestant, Wesleyan or Presbyterian.



    Wednesday 24th Feb 2016, 09:41AM

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