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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of any families with the McKieve or Makieve surname from the Fermanagh area? My convict ancestor, dairymaid Catherine McKieve was convicted of shoplifting in April 1830, in Cavan and transported to Australia in 1831. She was born around 1808, or possibly earlier. All the official documents list her as coming from Fermanagh, and she later married in Sydney in the Catholic church. But there are no records of her parents or more details of the birthplace. And I have searched through Ancestry and it appears there are very few "McKieve" surnames listed anywhere. But I saw the 1796 Flax Growers list has a "Catherine Makieve" from Drummully in Fermanagh. So I wondered if the surname "Makieve" is a different spelling of the name the authorities used for her. And whether the spinner may have been her mother or a relative.  My only other clue is through my DNA tests, which seem to throw up a few families with links to Fermanagh, but those families have the surname "Bothwell". I'm wondering what churches to search. Many thanks in advance. Clarissa Regan 

Clarissa Regan

Sunday 17th Mar 2024, 12:16AM

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