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My cousin is planning a visit in April, and his grandmother (Julia A Ryan) was born in Abbey.  Could you tell me where nearby graveyards and cemeteries are?  I would like to direct him on his visit, so he can find the families resting places.

Julia Agnes Ryan, born 30 May 1883, emigrated to Massachusetts in 1898.
Her brother, John Ryan, born 10 Jun 1870 (married Mary Mahoney about 1895) was living with his father in the 1901 and 1911 censuses.

Their father, Patrick Ryan was born about 1833 and married Cecelia Mary Haverty in Aille, on the 14th Feb 1868. 
Cecelia died sometime after their last child was born (Martin, born 6 Nov 1884).

John took over the farm from his father sometime after the 1911 census.
John's son, John "Jack" Ryan was living on the family farm until his death on 2 Jan 2000.

I have the contact information for John "Jack"s son, who now lives in Coorbaun, but I wanted to let Julia's grandson know where to look in the Abbey area.  I did not have any success in finding baptism records for any of the children of Patrick and Cecelia (Haverty) Ryan.

Thank you,
Mary Van Dyke


Monday 11th January 2016, 10:47PM

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  • Mary:

    Hello again.

    Below is a link to the parish web site. They do not show a direct e-mail address just a phone number. Perhaps the Diocese of Clonfert can help with the cemetery info.  I don't think the Duniry records are on Roots Ireland but here is the link to the online parish register with records up to early 1881.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 11th January 2016, 11:29PM
  • Hello Mary Van Dyke,

    Below are the locations you have requested that I have added to the Find a Grave site. I have not come across any other burial locations from maps that are available.

    Additionally I have attached an image of the burial grounds listed with their locations ballooned on a google map. The FAG amps have the exact locations you can zoom into.


    Church of the Assumption -

    Abbey Graveyard -

    Ballinagar Graveyard -

    St. Joseph's Church -

    Ballinakill Graveyard -

    Curra Graveyard -

    Lacken Graveyard -


    Trust this suffices

    P McG

    Tuesday 12th January 2016, 12:50AM

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  • Hello Mary Van Dyke,


    This is the gravemarker from Abbey Cemetery that relates to your family. As you will see all the names appear in order but for your Patrick who is shown as Peter.


    P McG

    Tuesday 12th January 2016, 07:22AM
  • Thank you both for all of the information!  I will pass it on to my cousin.
    This was excellent!



    Thursday 14th January 2016, 01:23AM
  • Hi all,

    Wow, this is incredible, I have also been on here searching for information about the Ryan family. I had been looking in the Loughrea parish but recently got confimation that my ancestors are indeed from Abbey.

    Patric Ryan and Cecelia Maria Haverty are my great, great granparents. Martin is my great grandfather! It is just amazing that someone else was on here looking for information from the same family!? Im stunned to see the very headstone of Peter Ryan and members of the Ryan family.

    I just recently recieved a message on this site:

    Hi Shamus-Martin Ryan.B. 6/11/1884. Abbey. P.-Patrick Ryan &Maria Ryan(Haverty). Reg 17/1/1885 Portumna. Abbey was in the Portumna Poor Law Union, hence the registration in  Portumna .  Details from Irish Village is almost equidistant from Loughrea & Portumna. There is still at least one Ryan in Abbey.-Liam irwin.

    Perhaps this is helpful for your searching Mary?

    I would love to trace back further than Peter, as that is as far as I have gotten. Any additional information would be wonderful, and I am happy to provide more about my family tree.




    Wednesday 6th March 2019, 10:05PM
  • Hello Shamus.

    3 years ago, your cousin Ryan (grandson of Julia Ryan, who was sister to Martin) asked me to research this family line.  He is also my cousin, related to me on his father's side of the family.

    After everyone on this website gave me so much help, I found the family farm of Peter.  Here's the email I sent to Ryan, and I will attach the images I made for him:

    I think I found the family farm.  Ever since Tuesday, I kept thinking about Griffith's Valuation maps.  Couldn't get it out of my head.  So Tuesday night I went to and searched the maps for anyone named Ryan and found the attached!


    #1: The page from Griffith's, describing the properties, and giving the corresponding map locations

    #2: the upper half of the area of Abbey, showing lot #3a.  It's very large, and is just grazing/farming land

    #3: The lower half of the area, showing lots #3b and #3c.  3b is the lot that was described as having a house on it

    #4: Zoomed view of 3b and 3c, marking where the Abbey graveyard is, as well as, the Ladywell shrine, so you can orient yourself when you google map it.

    #5: screen shot of the link below, and I think the family is in the white house... but it could be the yellow one.


    Julia's grandfather, Peter Ryan, (who it the man on the headstone, died in 1871) showed that he rented 3 properties in Abbey.  3a and 3c are farm lands, grazing properties.  3b shows it has a house on it.


    Look at my images, (at #5) and you'll see 2 houses near the corner of the road they lived on and the corner property of where "Ladywell" shrine is located.  I'll bet it's the 2-story white house, but it could be the 2-story yellow house.


    Here's the URL for Google Maps:,-8.3935208,3a,75y,341.36h,80.12t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sOZ_alfQfo5GECfOVPA6w1A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    I hope the images load properly, and are labeled.
    Thank you,
    Mary Van Dyke


    Thursday 7th March 2019, 06:29PM

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    I am researching my Robbins and Moran ancestors from Ballinakill Parish, County Galway, and based on DNA matches I believe that I am also somehow genetically related to the Ryans from Abbey. I have found DNA matches between multiple members of my family and two individuals who descend from Patrick Ryan and Cecilia Haverty through their daughter Bridget Ryan Hanrahan. Our relationship is estimated as being fairly distant (5th-8th cousins), but my 4th great-grandparents  were living 3 miles away from Abbey in the 1820s, so our connection is likely only a generation or two beyond my known ancestors. Additionally, a potential son of my 4th great-grandparents, William Robbins, married a Catherine Ryan and had three children baptized in the Ballinakill Parish church in the 1840s. Perhaps he married a cousin?

    The family trees that I have found for the Ryan family show Patrick’s parents as Peter Ryan and Cecilia McDermott. A John McDermott was recorded as a witness of the marriage of Patrick Ryan and Cecilia Haverty in Aille, and is potentially a maternal cousin to Patrick.

    I hope any of this helps, I am visiting County Galway in May and will share any information I find about the Ryan family.

    Brady Robbins


    Friday 8th March 2019, 02:01AM
  • Hello Mary, and Brady,

    Thank you both so much for sharing this information! Its just facinating to make these connections!

    Mary, I was able to access and see the files you shared, thanks so much for doing that! Its amazing to see the properties, and house. The map witht he headstone location is awesome, Im already dreaming of getting over there to see it in person. Its very interesting knowing I have cousins out there who are also interested in this!


    Thank you for sharing the information you have gathered. When you mentioned McDermott, it wrang a bell and I went and found an old family tree my father had started that also had Celcilia McDermott as Peter Ryans wife.

    He had:

    Cecelia McDermott Co. Clare 1812-1879.

    It seems date of Celelia's death my father had is off, as from the linked picture Mary sent of the gravemarker, it says she died 6-11-1884. The dates he had for Peters life were accurate. Trusting the Peter Ryan gravemarker, It would appear Martin Ryan was born on the day (his grandmother) Cecelia died? Interesting.

    More pieces to the puzzle!





    Saturday 9th March 2019, 12:06AM
  • Hi Mary

    I came across the message board by chance, I was working on my family tree a number of years ago, but haven't kept it up.  I have information on Julia Agnes Ryan, her birthday is different, I have her husband's name and her childrens name, but I've no more information about her after that.   I'd like more infornmation about her.  John Ryan and Mary O'Mahony were my grandparents. John Ryan's son   took over the farm, and today his grandson also named John Ryan still lives in the family farm

    Most of the Ryan family information from Harriet Ryan, her father was Tom Ryan, Harriet has since passed away, they lived in Boston.

    I would love to hear from you


    Saturday 19th December 2020, 06:27PM
  • Hi Tony.

    Julia Agnes Ryan married Joseph John Sweeney (baptized as "Joseph John", but always went by "John Joseph") 30 Apr 1911 in Boston, MA.  In the 1920, 1930 and 1940 census they were living in Waltham, MA.  She died 1 Nov 1962 in Waltham.

    She is buried in the Calvary Cemetery in Waltham.  Here is the Find A Grave memorial for her and John:

    Her headstone shows she was born in 1881, but I got her birth information from her granddaughter, showing it was 1883.  I have not yet found her baptism record to confirm which is correct.  However, I did find her twin brother Patrick's WWI and WWII registration, showing his birth was 30 May 1883.

    Julia's grandchildren (via her son, Dr. John Sweeney) are my cousin's on the Sweeney side of the family.

    Please let me know if you need any further help.
    Mary Van Dyke



    Sunday 20th December 2020, 05:01PM
  • Hi,

    I was delighted to hear from you.  Julia Agnes Ryan was my grand aunt, if you have any more information on her, her children, grandchildren or any Ryans, I'd be very appreciative.  

    Thanks for sharing that information about her.

    Tony Ryan


    Monday 28th December 2020, 03:29PM
  • Tony

    Saturday 20th February 2021, 02:21PM
  • Hi


    Peter Ryan

    I was told Peter Ryan came from Co. Tipperary as Abbey Village is only about 12 miles from North Tipperary it could be right.  He probably got the farm as a tenant farmer.  If he was from North Tipperary it would be hard to trace his parents.  Parents were to register the Children births by law but it was not a forced law, the only hope was the Church where he was baptised.

    Micheal Davit M.P. negotiated with the Brithis Government to enable tenant farmers to buy the land.  Michael Davit's father was a tenant farmer he was evicted from his farm and Michael started looking for equality.  When the famine happened a lot of the landlords evicted tenant farmers, they wanted the land to grow wheat.  The Irish Famine came in 1845 to 1849 and that scattered Irish people all over the world.

    There is another person in the Ryan grave in Abbey, John Ryab's wife Annie Griffin, she had twins named Ann and Mary Martha Ryan., unfortunately Mary Martha died.  Annie has another girl who she called Mary.  Years after Mary searched for her sister's grave becuase no one in the family knew where it was.  After much searching she found where Mary Martha was laid to rest, she had a little head stone placed on the grave.

    Here is my email 





    Saturday 20th February 2021, 02:33PM