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The Skehana & District Heritage Group, as part of their contribution to Heritage Week 2015, will facilitate this tour and talk

Headstone Abbeyknockmoy Galway

It was founded by Cathal Croibhdhearg O’Conor, king of Connacht, c.1190 and was settled by Cistercians from Boyle Abbey, Co. Roscommon. Shortly before his death in 1224 Cathal entered the monastery at Abbeyknockmoy and was subsequently buried there ‘in the habit of a grey friar’. When the powerful O’Kelly (Uí Cheallaigh) family, lords of Uí Mhaine, supplanted the O’Conors in the 14th and 15th centuries they became active patrons of Abbeyknockmoy and used it as one of their primary family burial places.

The chancel of the abbey contains one of the last surviving medieval frescos in Ireland and this sets it apart as a most significant national monument. The Office of Public Works has very kindly agreed to open this area for the day to give attendees a rare opportunity to get a close up view of these national treasures. 

A booklet is being compiled for the occasion that includes a history of the abbey, significant milestones with dates, floor plan for the area and details of the functions of various rooms in the abbey accompanied by colour photographs. It will also include the relevant text of Caesar Ottway’s ‘A Tour in Connaught’ who visited the abbey in 1839 and gives a very colourful, and sometimes humorous, description of his observations of the abbey and the general surrounding areas. It will also contain, many other items relating to the general area will be given to all attendees on the day with the compliments of the Skehana & District Heritage Group. The event, which commences at 3.00 pm sharp, will run for about an hour and a half and everybody is welcome to attend.

If you require any additional information please contact me.

Le Dhea-mhéin,
Jimmy Laffey (PRO)
(085) 2187544


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