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Caltra Cemetery

15-Jun-19 10:49
Ireland XO Community, Galway, Ballinasloe (Galway) 1

St John's Church Ballinasloe

13-Jun-19 9:09
Ireland XO Community, Ballinasloe (Galway), Moore (Roscommon) 3 Hi Roger!
by Laura Colleran 13-Jun-19 17:37

Colleran's of Annaghkeen

12-Jun-19 10:46
Ireland XO Community, Killursa (Galway), Ballinasloe (Galway), Roscommon (Roscommon) 1

Thomas Hourey & Katherine Minton

11-Aug-18 2:46
Ireland XO Community, Ballinasloe (Galway) 2 Hello again!
by Castlemore Roscommon 11-Aug-18 16:58

Paddy Roche, Galway Footballer

3-Apr-18 11:22
Ireland XO Community, Galway, Ballinasloe (Galway) 6 Hi DebC,  I have only today
by cautiouskate 20-Aug-18 17:08

Fitzpatrick's of Ballinasloe

11-Aug-17 13:23
Ballinasloe (Galway) 4 Suz:
by Castlemore Roscommon 15-Aug-17 16:33

Madden Family

23-Jul-17 8:14
Ballinasloe (Galway) 2 See related message and response
by Castlemore Roscommon 23-Jul-17 13:38

Naughton Kenny

8-May-17 0:27
Ballinasloe (Galway) 9 From South Africa : I have an
by Anne Molony Kirkpatrick 18-May-17 10:22

Death record for John Mahon & Anne Kelly Mahon

5-May-17 12:31
Ballinasloe (Galway) 2 Michael:
by Castlemore Roscommon 5-May-17 19:34

Eleanora Mahon Simmons

2-May-17 18:21
Ballinasloe (Galway) 4 Hi,
by Hermine 7-May-17 20:19

Daly of Hog's Valley Galway, married Ballinasloe 1870.

9-Apr-17 7:38
Ballinasloe (Galway) 3 Thank you so much Jane :-)  
by Rach 19-Apr-17 8:45

Mulvey / Mulvee family

3-Apr-17 14:40
Ballinasloe (Galway) 2 lynnemh:
by Castlemore Roscommon 3-Apr-17 15:29

Josie and Kathleen Kenny Ballinasloe connection

25-Mar-17 23:38
Ballinasloe (Galway) 2 Dear Paul:
by Jane Halloran Ryan 29-Mar-17 19:58

john Sillas married Kate launder from Ballinasloe Galway daughter Bridget

3-Jan-17 23:25
Ballinasloe (Galway) 2 Julia:
by Castlemore Roscommon 4-Jan-17 0:26

I an looking for John Sillas married Kate Launder daughter Bridget Sillas

31-Dec-16 2:23
Ballinasloe (Galway) 2 Julia:
by Castlemore Roscommon 31-Dec-16 15:32