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Eleanora Mahon Simmons

I wonder is anyone has any ideas concerning how to locate a death record for Eleanora (Nora) Simmons (nee Mahon).  I know when she died, 6 July 1910.  At the time she was the owner of a Pub in Market Square that is now called An Tain. After her death my grandmother Josephine Simmons became the owner for another 2 years before she had to sell it. 

I have been trying to find an "official" death record for Eleanora.  I've tried the National Archives, I've been to St. Michael's Church, but nobody seems to have a record.  Is there anywhere else I can look?





Tuesday 2nd May 2017, 06:21PM

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  • Michael:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out! has the civil death records, however, I could not find the death record for Eleanora. Likely her death was not civilly registered unless the surname was badly misspelled.

    I did find a 1909 death record for an 11 year old who likely was related.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Wednesday 3rd May 2017, 11:25PM
  • Hi Roger,


    Thanks very much for attempting to locate the death record for me.  You are correct about the 11 year old.  Anthony Simmons was my grandmothers brother. He died shortly before his mother.  Apparently there never was an official death record for the death of Eleanora (Mahon) Simmons.  I appreciate your help.


    Michael Sparks


    Friday 5th May 2017, 02:20AM
  • Hi,


    If she is buried in Creagh Cemetery, The Council Office in Ballinasloe may have a record of the burial.     Also if she was in business, it is possible there is a death notice in a newspaper and you could search there for an obituary.



    Sunday 7th May 2017, 08:19PM