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Fitzpatrick's of Ballinasloe

Good morning from Pennsylvania, USA!

It has been about 2 years since I have visited Ireland XO :-(

I want to thank Mary McLaughlin for getting my family going and started on the right path. Her info was confirmed with a 1901 census and 1902 marriage! ;-)

My greatgrandfather John and all 9 children were born in Ballinasloe mid to late 1800's...skipping ahead to make the story much shorter, my grandfather and his parents came to Pittsburgh in 1907 and sadly his Mom, Elizabeth died giving birth to his sister and they were both placed in an orphange. His sister was adopted and my grandfather never saw his family again.. Grandfather was 7 so he knew nothing of his family/ancestors...and he died in 1943 when my Dad was 7. The only informatiuon I had to go on in 1983 was told to me that his Mom was buried in a church in downtown Pgh across from Gimbel's Dept store...I ventured downtown there were 2 churches side by side with one open that day (irish luck?) the secretary said "give me a few days and I will look and call you". (no technology back then) Well she called me and said Elizabeth Fitzpatrick (nee:Hawkins) had her funeral here in Dec 1911...from that information I have searched with record after record. One of my Dad's trips to Ireland (many years ago) on a visit he was guided to Mary McLaughlin who found a Thomas and Winifred in Ballinasloe with 9 children all baptisded except their eldest child, my great grandfather John who I found actually babptised in Aughrim. Thomas was a baker in Ballinasloe. 
With this info I researched the other Fitzpatrick's of Ballinasloe mid to late 1800's...and then researched FORWARD the LIVING Fitzpatrick's from my line and other Fitzpatrick's who at the same time were also bakers (what was the chance they were NOT related) Finding them in Manchester, Holland, Australia and California. To my wonderful amazment each family was confirmed related through YDNA and autosomal YIPPY! We have reconnected and having great relationships. Thanks to Facebook we can all stay current!

The FINAL Fitzpatrick family that I would like to research, may in fact still have living family in Ireland...and is based on a news story I have read about the murder of Sarah Frances Fitzpatrick in 1974. I beleve she was from a Bakery family (that is what caught my I am going to try and create her tree back and then forward to see if any living relatives...and hope they would be willing to do YDNA and/or autosomal DNA. We have several Fitzpatrick's that match YDNA...and I admin about 20 family autosomal test. Having so many was key in confirming the Australian Fitzpatrick family since we all connect back to the early 1800's . My Father's sister Betty tested and they had an elder Aunt also test and FINALLY a strong confirming match.

Next August 2018 is the The Fitzpatrick - Mac Giolla Phádraig Clan Society reunion in Ireland and after a lifetime of research, and Lord willing, my husband and I plan on visiting Ireland and Ballinasloe.. 

I love the search, BUT am in awe how DNA does NOT lie and confirmed my paper trail! God is good!

Thank you for taking the time to read my long, but shortened version of the Fitzpatrick's of Ballinasloe and DNA

Kindest regards,
Suzie Fitzpatrick-Amrhein



Friday 11th August 2017, 01:23PM

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  • Suz:

    Welcome back and thanks for posting your family story. Have you added some of your ancestors stories to our XO Chronicles site which was established about a year ago.

    We really hope you can make it to Ireland a year from now. Keep us posted on your progress and let us know if there is anything we can do. All the best!

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Friday 11th August 2017, 03:17PM
  • Hi Rodger!

    I see you are still a dedicated volunteer! Its wonderful to see/chat with you again.

    Should I repost this story to that area?



    Saturday 12th August 2017, 11:46AM
  • Suz:

    Just seeing your message.

    Here is a link to the XO Chronicles site


    Castlemore Roscommon

    Tuesday 15th August 2017, 04:33PM