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Hi My name is Debbie, I know that Their is " Family " alive Re: Cousin's.  My Great Grand Parents were Alexander Mitchell b. 1868, who Married Agnes Christie b. 1867, MARRIED: April-June 1893. My Grandmother Mary Ann Mitchell b. 1899, was One of their FIVE children. Other Surnames are:George  O'Bryan,James Murphy, Ross Louder in Bushmills.  How would I get more Info on my Family, and try to CONNECET with them.  I am in Toronto, Canada.    Thank-You, My email is:                       Debbie

Thursday 10th Apr 2014, 02:29PM

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  • Debbie,

    I presume this is your family in 1901:

    & 1911:

    Alexander Mitchell?s name remains against that farm (plots 8 & 9 in Griffiths) in Livery Lower until at least 1929. He seems to have died in 1944:

    Mitchell Alexander of Livery Lower Stranocum county Antrim retired farmer died 11 May 1944 at Greenville Ballymoney county Antrim Probate Belfast 6 July to William Mitchell farmer and Robert John Mitchell carpenter. Effects ?77 5s.

    His will should be held in PRONI which should have the executors addresses.

    That Livery Lower farm today is on the Livery Rd which is just outside the village of Stranocum.

    I have searched the UK phone book for Stranocum and there doesn?t appear to be anyone named Mitchell there today but a lot of people are ex-directory so that is not conclusive. You might need to ask locally to enquire further.

    Greenville (Alexander?s address at the date of his death) is a townland just outside Ballymoney. There is an R Mitchell at 2 Greenville Ave, Ballymoney BT53 7BJ in the current phone book who might be a relative.


    Ahoghill Antrim

    Thursday 10th Apr 2014, 09:01PM

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