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I am trying to confirm that I may have found my 2nd great-grandmother on a passenger list. I have found a ship passenger record for the ship, Magnolia, sailing from Liverpool in May of 1854 for the following family who were listed as Irish. The daughters' names and birth year match family records.  I have no record of parents' names. The immigration year is 1854. Two different U.S. census records show 1853 and 1855 as the year of immigration, but since this was self-reported, the date is close. A confirmation would be if I can trace this family to Galway, where she was said to be from. Any help you could give to trace this family would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and for the work you do.

John Welch, born 1800 - father

Mary Ann Welch, born 1803 - mother

Mary Welch, born 1828 - daughter (my ancestor)

Ellen Welch- born 1832 - daughter


Tuesday 9th June 2015, 04:01PM

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  • Suellen:

    I searched Roots Ireland for a Mary Welch from 1823-1833 in Co. Galway and there were 50 baptismal records, all had the surname Walsh. I then added father John and mother Mary and was down to one record an 1827 record in Tuam. However, there was no companion record for an Ellen Walsh for those parents so I don't think that is the correct family.

    Some churches in Co. Galway don't have records back to the late 1820s so possibly your family belonged to one of those churches.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Tuesday 9th June 2015, 08:03PM