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Is there a graveyard associated with the Ballymacward RC church? I am looking for my 2nd great grandfather Patrick Carroll's burial place. He died between March and October of 1857 and was a small tenant farmer in Gortnalone North. Thank you.



Sunday 11th April 2021, 01:11PM

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  • According to FindaGrave there are four graveyards in Ballymacward:

    • Ballymacward New Graveyard
    • Ballymacward Old Graveyard
    • Church of St. Peter and St. Paul
    • Trench Mausoleum


    Sunday 11th April 2021, 08:05PM
  • Thank you.


    Monday 12th April 2021, 07:12PM
  • Hi,

    I am near Ballymacward and in the next couple of weeks can ask if any headstone inscriptions have been recorded. This is often done locally and may not be published.

    Best wishes, Kieran

    Kieran Jordan, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 21st April 2021, 12:18PM
  • Thank you Kieran, that would be wonderful. Carroll, Curley (Curly), and Qualters (McQualters) are the family names I am particularly interested in.

    Bob Carroll



    Wednesday 21st April 2021, 08:12PM
  • Bob,

    I was in Ballymacward today to see the cemeteries. There is Ballymacward Old Cemetery. See attached photo. I would guess that this cemetery was closed for new sales of burial plots maybe around 1980. Burials of people whjo had already purchased plots continues, but there are no new graves sold. There is also Ballymacward New Cemetery - see attached. I would say this jhas been in use for about the last 40 years. So I would guess that if you are looking for ancestors the Old Cemetery is the relevant one. I didn't see anybody to ask if the headstones were transcribed and under the current circumstances it is difficult to call to a house. Generally, if the headstones are transcribed there is a map in the cemetery, but there is no map. That is not always the case so when Covid restrictions are eased I can ask, if you like. That will probably be a few months though.

    Best wishes, Koeran

    Kieran Jordan, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 27th April 2021, 03:45PM

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  • Kieran,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures.  My 2nd g-grandfather Patrick Carroll died sometime between March and October of 1857. His wife Ellen, my 2nd g-grandmother, re-married to her neighbor John Qualters. Ellen died in 1920. I'm attaching a pic of the death register entry for Ellen. Any additional graveyard resources you can point me to in the future will be very much appreciated. If, after looking at the death register entry, you think Ellen and/or Patrick are more likely to be buried elsewhere please let me know.  

    Thanks again for taking the time to pursue this and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.



    Tuesday 27th April 2021, 11:02PM

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