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Galway Medieval Festival 2019

Galway Medieval Experience 

Saturday 25th May 2019

A Day of Medieval Festivities, Fighting and Frolics!

Be a Medieval Scribe Workshop

Location: Galway City Museum

10.30am to 11.30am

Archaeologist Anne Carey tells the story of the earliest monasteries in Ireland, showing how the monks lived and the beautifully illustrated manuscripts they produced, with activities including calligraphy.

Age 7 – 12 (booking required directly with Galway City Museum 091-532460)

Medieval Ireland Combat Display

Location: Galway City Museum Courtyard

11am to 4pm

Join the good folks of the Irish School of Historical Combat for an epic display in medieval field warfare. Wearing medieval dress and modern sparring equipment they will give a unique combat display of fighting techniques and battlefield melees using specialist weapon combinations and talks on their uses. Lessons provided to those brave enough.

All welcome (no booking required)

Augmented Reality Experience at the Hall of the Red Earl

Location: Hall of the Red Earl, Druid Lane

11am to 4pm

Experience the medieval Hall of the Red Earl in its original state through an innovative Augmented Reality App. View the Hall through our smartphones and tablet devices as you walk freely around the building as it was in the 15th century. Our tour-guides and GMIT students who recently developed the project will guide you through the experience as the story of Galway’s original town hall is brought to life.

All welcome (no booking required)

Instrument Makers Exhibition

Location: Galway City Museum

11am – 3pm

Galway Early Music is proud to promote instrument makers in Ireland, who specialise in early instruments such as lute, flute, harp and symphonium. Come along and see beautiful, handmade instruments, talk to the makers and hear what the instruments sound like.

All welcome (no booking required)

Music on the Streets of the Latin Quarter

Location: Latin Quarter

11am to 4pm

There will be music wherever you turn in the Latin Quarter on Saturday, May 25! Shawms, pipes, recorders, harp, lute, and brass! The music starts in the Hall of the Red Earl, Druid Lane and winds its way through the streets of the Latin Quarter. Musicians include The York Waits, Michelle O’Conor (vielle, rebec), Jacopo Bisagni (pipes), Sylvia Crawford (fiddle), Brenda Malloy (harp).

All welcome (no booking required) #

Music and Image – Early Medieval Ireland circa 700 AD

Location: Mechanics Institute, Middle Street

11am – 4pm

Ireland is fortunate to have two surviving musical instruments from the early medieval period, namely the ‘Bekan Horn’ from Mayo and a pair of ‘Psalter Horns’ from Fermanagh. Ancient Music Ireland will open a fascinating window into this era as they show how these woodwind instruments were made and how they were played.

Age 12+ (No booking required)

Medieval Dance Workshop

Location: Mick Lally Theatre, Druid Lane

12pm to 1.30pm

In this always popular workshop, participants will look at medieval manuscripts, paintings and texts before learning a dance from that era. All the participants will then be welcome to join the re-enactment of the dances – all of which will be accompanied by live music.

Age 12+ (No booking required)

Display & Talk on Medieval Culture

Location: Hall of the Red Earl

11am to 4pm (Talks of 20 min duration at 12.00, 1.30, & 3.00)

From Town Charter to Cromwell... Dressed in fifteenth century garb, archaeologist Dave Swift of Claíomh Irish Living History will be on hand to curate an eclectic array of reproductions from the Medieval to the Early Modern eras in Galway history. The artefacts will include swords, armour, shields, gunpowder flasks and medieval ballistics as well as a selection of ceramics, glassware, herbs, games, coinage and dress accessories. Dave will give specific talks on clothing, arms and armour in Galway during the period c. 1400-1650 at 12pm, 1.30pm & 3pm All welcome (no booking required) 

Life in Medieval Galway Demonstration

Location: Mick Lally Theatre

12.30pm to 2pm

The Athenry Heritage Centre presents an exploration of medieval Galway by Dr. Jeff Dann and Mary O’Gorman, from its Gaelic roots through to its heyday as the most important trading centre in the west of Ireland. Meet the people and experience the lifestyle of this vibrant medieval walled town. The talk is designed to be interactive and engaging for children and adults.

Age 4+ (booking at / 091-564946)

‘Keepers of the Gael’ Guided Tour

Location: Galway City Museum

12pm to 12.30pm

An introduction to Keepers of the Gael, an exciting new exhibition in the Galway City Museum which explores medieval Gaelic society and culture through the lens of the learned families who served Gaelic chiefs and English lords in Ireland between 1200 and 1600 AD.

Age 15+ (booking required directly with Galway City Museum 091-532460)

Walking Tour of Medieval Galway

Location: Start at Hall of the Red Earl

1pm to 2.30pm

Join Michael Quinn of Galway Civic Trust for an informative and leisurely stroll around some of the city’s medieval highlights. Sites visited include historical and architectural gems such as St. Nicholas’ Collegiate Church, Lynch’s Castle and the Old Town Walls.

Age 12+ (booking at / 091-564946)

City of the Tribes Talk

Location: Galway City Museum

2.30pm to 3.30pm

Galway is known as the ‘City of the Tribes’, so named after the fourteen merchant families – Athy, Blake, Bodkin, Browne, Darcy, Deane, Font, French, Joyce, Kirwin, Lynch, Martin, Morris and Skerrett – which dominated the commercial and administrative life of the medieval town. Join local historian Adrian Martyn, author of The Tribes of Galway, 1124-1642, to find out about these tribes, why the city is named in their honour and what Galway’s many European connections in the medieval era, were.

Age 12+ (booking required directly with Galway City Museum 091-532460)

Galway’s Town Crier will be on hand to welcome you to our events while Court Jester Mollylu will entertain with her medieval tomfooleries. Mollylu will also give a performance of her fabulous fire-show at 3pm! 

The Galway Medieval Experience is funded by Galway 2020 as part of the Small Towns Big Ideas programme, Galway Civic Trust, Hall of the Red Earl Druid Lane Galway

email: tel: 091 564946 

These events are taking place in partnership with the Galway Early Music Festival which is taking place from 24th to 26th May.

The Galway Early Music Festival is an annual celebration of medieval, renaissance & baroque music in the liveliest medieval city in Europe on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way!

Taking place in May annually, this renowned festival is Galway Early Music’s main event for the year. With concerts, workshops, talks, demonstrations, music on the streets and family events, the festival fills the medieval streets and venues of Galway with music and colour. As in previous years the festival will feature a host of outstanding local and international musicians and ensembles.

For further details an:

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