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James Walsh from nuns island

Hi there I've been searching on the Tuam message board the last few weeks looking for family and have been successful, thanks so much. I am know looking to find out where abouts my great grandfather might be buried if possible. His name was James walsh born 1879 Tuam Galway but lived in Galway with his wife and children until his death in approx 1918 could be later . He worked as a coachman unsure where in Galway and had an accident and later died. Last known address was nuns island and previous to that was Raleigh Row.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Names of graveyards for Galway city etc. 


Monday 10th July 2017, 03:32PM

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  • Rachel:

    Welcome back to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I searched from 1915-1940 on for a James Walsh death record in the Galway registration district. There were about ten records for James Walsh deaths but I could not find one where someone died from an accident. You should look at those records and maybe you will have more success. Below is a link to cemeteries in Galway city.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Monday 10th July 2017, 03:53PM
  • Thanks Roger I think it's James walsh 1918 and it states he died in a work house. Would you know how I would go about getting the name of this workhouse  and was that common that he was in there. Where abouts in Galway is nuns island ? Thanks Rachel 


    Monday 10th July 2017, 06:23PM
  • Rachel:

    Some background on Nun's Island

    He was likely in the workhouse because he was indigent and ill.  



    Castlemore Roscommon

    Monday 10th July 2017, 07:21PM
  • Great thanks for links Roger 


    Monday 10th July 2017, 08:42PM