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I am looking for info and connections with any ODonnell's Kilmartin's, and Faherty, from Inis Mor.  My great grandmother was Nellie Kilmartin, her parents were Martin ODonnell and Mary Faherty.  I know I have famial cousins on the island, and would love more.  I know Nellie did make it home for one visit and it was the talk of the family for years.  Attached is a photo of Nell in her prime and the age moving to the US where she made her home in Minnesota married to a Curran from Bally Casey, Headford, Galway.  Image attached is a young Nellie (Nora Ellen) Kilmartin shortly after arrival in the US



Suzanne Heaton

Curran, Kilmartin, McHugh, & O'Donnell

Tuesday 13th December 2016, 11:25PM

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  • Suzanne:

    Welcome to ireland Reaching Out!

    We do have a parish liaison for the Aran Islands. I will send her an e-mail and alert her to your message. If you have not heard back by the first week in January, let me know.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 15th December 2016, 01:08AM
  • hi Roger,

    its the 9th of January and havent heard anything...... not sure where to go from here?  I actually am aware of a cousin that owns a restaurant/hostel near the Ferry there, there in Kilronan I believe.... tho he doesnt seem very interested in the genealogy, of the family.  thanks for your help

    Curran, Kilmartin, McHugh, & O'Donnell

    Tuesday 10th January 2017, 01:03AM
  • Suzanne:

    I contacted our HQ and they in turn have sent an e-mail to the PL for the Aran Islands.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 13th January 2017, 05:29PM
  • Suzanne:

    I am new to Ireland Reaching Out.
    I live on Inishmore, Aran Islands. I see you are looking for info and connections. I do know your cousin who owns a bar here in Kilronan.
    I have a question regarding your great grandmother - you say her name was Nellie (Nora Ellen) KILMARTIN but you give her parents names as Martin O'DONNELL and Mary Faherty. I don't understand this. Can you explain?
    Also, approximately what year was Nellie Kilmartin born?
    There are not many O'Donnells on the island and only 1 Kilmartin. But there are quiete a few Fahertys, therefore would be difficult to get info

    Mary Anne Connolly.

    Mary Anne Connolly

    Sunday 22nd January 2017, 01:05AM
  • Mary Anne:

    Thanks for helping out!

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 22nd January 2017, 03:39PM
  • Serious mistake there, that is in my records Nellies grandparents.  She was born July 26,1885 to Bryan Bernard Kilmartin & Winnifred ODonnell.  Who my records show was the daughter of Mary & Martin. I do get flummoxed at times translating my moms records with my own. My mother was an Irish Citizen based on her records. Appreciate any help. Thanks

    Curran, Kilmartin, McHugh, & O'Donnell

    Sunday 22nd January 2017, 06:46PM
  • Suzanne,
    I checked various records for KILMARTIN and the following is what I found.

    1821 Census:

    Peter Kilmartin, age 32. [born c. 1789].
    Peggy Kilmartin (wife), age 45. [born c. 1776].
    (There are a number of inaccuracies in this census).
    Catholic Parish Registers, Baptisms 1874 - 1881:

    May 23, 1880: Winifred Kilmartin.
    Parents: Bryan Kilmartin & Winifred O'Donnell.
    Sponsors: Martin Flaherty & Ellen Flaherty.-
    1901 Census:

    Bryan Kilmartin, age 45
    Winifred, 49, wife
    Patrick, 20, son
    Ellen, 15, daughter
    Delia, 14, daughter
    Martin, 13, son
    Stephen, 10, son
    Josephine, 5, daughter

    1911 Census:

    Bryan Kilmartin, age 57
    Winifred, 55, wife
    Martin, 22, son
    Josephine, 15, daughter

    [The ages of Bryan & Winifred don't correspond with 1901 census]

    More info here:
    In 1911 Bryan & Winifred had been 40 years married.
    They had 14 children born alive, 10 of which were still alive.

    I do know there was another son, Bernard (Bernie), who had probably immigrated by 1901.
    I do know he was in the US. He married a Mary Anne Fitzpatrick. They are both deceased.
    Their children: Patrick, Michael (deceased), Stephen ( he owns the bar in Kilronan), Thomas, Mary, Gerald, Bernard (deceased), Winifred, Joseph.
    Stephen and Gerald live on the island. Patrick in Galway. Thomas in Dublin. Mary in England. Winifred in Roscommon. Joseph in US.

    This is the only Kilmartin family on the island. If I get any more info, I will send it to you.

    I will see what I can find on O'Donnell.

    Hope this is of some help.

    Mary Anne

    Mary Anne Connolly

    Monday 23rd January 2017, 02:44AM
  • Thanks so much for the help the Ellen is my gr grandma ellen Nora whose family all called Nellie. I am very happy to learn more about where she came how she grew up. Etc. I appreciate any and all help. So none of Bryans family stayed I guess?  I hope to visit in the next year or two and see where she grew up. Thank you!

    Curran, Kilmartin, McHugh, & O'Donnell

    Monday 23rd January 2017, 03:43AM
  • Bernard (Bernie as he was known as) went to the US but he returned. He and his wife Mary Anne reared their family here. I went to school with a some of their children. He was the only one of Bryan's family that stayed on the island. Neither Stephen nor Gerald have children so, unless any of their nephews settle on the island, the Kilmartin name will be gone.

    Mary Anne Connolly

    Monday 23rd January 2017, 09:55AM