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Good day to you!

I am very pleased to be able to join Ireland XO to learn more about my ancestors.  My main reason for joining this parish group is to seek direction in locating an official baptismal record for my great grandfather, in order to give my 83 year old mother the necessary documentation to apply for and become an Irish citizen by descent.

My great grandfather Patrick Gill was born May - October 1865 to Patrick Gill and Catherine Hernon in Kilronan, Inis Mor.  We're not sure of the exact date of birth, as records here aren't definitive, so the month and year could vary a bit.  Patrick Gill emigrated to the U.S. 1880-1882 and settled in Charlestown (Boston) MA after training in Vermont to become a stonecutter, married Mary Joyce 1891 and had one daughter in 1895, my maternal grandmother Catherine Gill Downes. Patrick died in Nov. 1913 of tuberculosis as a result of stone dust. I know Patrick had a brother Peter Gill (1860-1899) married to Catherine Joyce. (I know of at least one child from that marriage - daughter Delia Gill (Connelly) who emigrated to Boston in 1908 at age 18 as she was sponsored by my great grandfather Patrick.)

Any direction you can provide as to next steps - church I can contact, contacting someone to do the research for me in church records, etc. would be greatly appreciated!  I've been told a civil birth vital record for Patrick is most unlikely even though records began in 1864 and the baptismal record would be the most likely road to success.

Thanks so much for your time and attention, and I wish you all the best!

Ellen Mechan Ander, Randolph, MA USA 



Saturday 1st June 2013, 04:33PM

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    There is a birth registered in Galway City in 1865 for a Patrick Gill. (Volume 4, page 314). You might need to check with the local Galway office as to whether its registration area included the Aran Islands  in 1865 but I suspect it might. (You can register a birth anywhere now but each office used to have specific geographic areas). If it?s the right birth, you might get a birth certificate after all. You can order a copy from GRO Roscommon.  Quote the location, year volume & page number on the application form.

    According to this site,  it appears that the Aran RC baptism records only go back to 1872, so you may be out of luck looking for a baptismal certificate.

    Ahoghill Antrim

    Saturday 1st June 2013, 05:51PM
  • My aunt was a Gill from Boston North End then to East Cambridge she married a Carland.


    But they are from Northern Irelnad 


    Saturday 1st June 2013, 08:55PM
  • Hello Ellen,


    I have some related information for you , and sent it to your Yhaoo. email.



    Sunday 16th June 2013, 10:52AM
  • Hello,

    It has been quite a while since I posted and had time to explore for my great grandfather's baptismal record. I thank everyone for  their responses. I received valuable information from rgs9559 for which I am most grateful. My grandfather Patrick Gill was the son of Patrick Gill and Catherine Joyce and born about 1857 possibly May through October on Inishmore, Arainn. Patrick was one of 9 children of Patrick Gill and Catherine Joyce. Patrick's closest earlier sibling was Coleman Gill born 1855 and died in Boston 1889. The sibling born after him was Winifred A Gill born 1861, married Daniel Buckley and died sometime after Nov. 1894 in Somerville MA U.S. The NLI's parish registers shows it has Roman Catholic baptismal records for Aran Islands from 11/7/1874 through 3/1881.  Are earlier records available? A researcher here says perhaps the priest who performed the baptism came to Kilronan from another Tuam parish to perform the baptism and the baptismal record could be there?  Any insights provided would be greatly appreciated as the official baptism record is the last puzzle piece my Mom needs to apply for Irish citizenship by descent.

    Many thanks!

    Ellen Mechan Ander



    Sunday 17th April 2016, 12:15AM