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I would like any information that people can share with me on the old school in Sonnagh Old. i am aware of a Miss Joyce who was a teacher in the 1800 in the school and she was from the Arann Islands.


Monday 2nd July 2012, 12:11PM

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  • Hi Josephine,

    I have sent your enquiry on to Kilronan, Inis Mor and hope to have some news for you soon!

    Celine Seoighe


    Inis Oirr Galway

    Saturday 7th July 2012, 06:48PM

    Hi, My grandmother and her siblings lived in Sonnagh and would have gone to school in Sonnagh old school. My grandmothers name was Mary Connolly and her siblings were Patrick and John who were twins, Martin and Michael who were also twins, then there was Edward, Thomas, then my grandmother, Bridget(died aged 6 Years), James, Margaret and Denis.

    They were all born between  1872 and 1885. Their parents were Martin Connolly and Bridget McTigue. I think that Martin's father was John Connolly and his wife was Margaret but I dont know her maiden name. Bridget McTigue I think came from a place called Borandorris in parish of Ardrahan, that may not be the correct spelling of placename.

    I am trying to find what became of this family so would be grateful for any information that anyone in this area may know. I have some information but there are some gaps. If anyone out there can help me in any small way please contact me and I will give any more information I have and see if I can fill in another piece of the jig-saw.

    Mary Connolly

    Saturday 16th February 2013, 12:47PM
  • Hi Mary,

    I read your message and while the areas mentioned are familiar to me. I am not familiar witg the families mentioned. So i forwarded the mesage to two people with local knowledge on the areas who may be able to shed some light on this

    I will get back to you





    Kilchreest Galway

    Tuesday 2nd April 2013, 09:06PM

    Mary - Here is some info on Booleydorrish and the McTigues that may be of help to you...

     Booleydorrish or Booleendorrish was in the parish of Ardrahan many years ago It is between Castledaly to Scalp Cross by a river! There is a deserted village there in the forest just ruins now Yes there were MC Tigues living there.  There is a McTigue man buried in Castledaly Church from that family and there is a direct connection. There are also a younger generations of McTigues living about three miles from Kinvara on the Ardrahan road  

    The old record from Scalp School Reunion book states that Pat MCTigue Booleydorrish was married to Catherine Joyce of Dereen. They had one son and four daughters. Son Pat married a Mary Spellman and lived in Lisadulta, Peterswell, Winnie Married Pake Hansberry lived in Shragh Peterswell, Annie married Paddy Moloney, Mary didn?t marry and Brigie died young. Pat is buried in Castledaly but he was a close connection to the McTigues who live down near Kinvara. In a history of Scalp school there is mention of a McTigue man on the board of the school. Sonnagh School opened around 1891.

    Kilchreest Galway

    Saturday 6th April 2013, 03:41PM
  • Hi Mary,


    i remember when I was younger there was an old mrs mctigue that still lived in the old school house in sonnagh. I used to go up there to save turf during the summer with my family. My dad has a great knowledge of local history and he may have more information.


    chat soon 

    ronan coy


    Monday 29th July 2013, 10:04PM
  • Hi Mary,


    some more details you may be interested in. There was a national folklore collection put together in 1837 and collected local stories including stories by children. One such story was that of Delia Hynes in Sonnagh where she mentions the school which was half a mile from a lios (fort) built on Connollys land. The link is here

    I also went to school with mctigues whose ancestors came from sonnagh and my sisters friend in school was Sandra Connolly whose ancestors also came from Sonnagh. Both are possibly connected to you. 

    Chat soon 


    ronan coy


    Monday 29th July 2013, 10:54PM
  • This is really interesting Ronan. Is it possible to view the actual hard copy of these essays at UCD

    Kilchreest Galway

    Wednesday 31st July 2013, 08:24PM
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