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James Flynn & Bridget (nee Walsh) were my Great x 2 Grandparents, both -I believe - born in the Parish of Glinsk/Kilbegnet, Galway.  

They married there in 1842 and their children:  Bridget Flynn (1844), John Flynn (1848) & Mary (1848) had their births registered in the Glinsk Parish Register.  The family emigrated to England sometime in the 1860's (no certain actual year) and settled in Birmingham, England.   Bridget Flynn (1848) went on to marry Henry Francis Westbury and together became my Grand Parents.   I have also traced her brother John Flynn over in England, but I believe her sister Mary died in infancy or quite young as I have no record of her in England.

James Flynn c1810 was shown to be a Tailor on Henry & Bridget's Marriage Cert and I am anxious to trace him in Galway as such, also to trace the parents of both James Flynn & Bridget Walsh or any of their respective families.

I admit up front that James' spouse Bridget, who I recently narrowed down to Walsh (with help from someone in Irish Roots) may not be correct, although with two of the known three children being correct in name and date, I think it quite likely is.  However I am prepared for it to be another Bridget if necessary.

If  any of the above rings a bell or someone can point me in a direction to help me narrow down my search I will be most grateful as my Irish Ancestry has so far proven quite elusive.




Thursday 28th June 2012, 08:04AM

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  • Hi there,

    There are Roman Catholic church records available for the diocese of Glinsk (Elphin). These date from 1836 for baptismal, marriage and burial records. You can find these at the National Library of Ireland, Pos. 4620, or the Roscommon Heritage and Genealogy Centre in Strokestown, If you have any difficulty, you could try writing to the parish priest for more assistance.

    A trade such as a tailor, could very well be listed in one of the trade directories for that period. You could try Slater's Directory from 1846:

    You could also try checking the land records called the Tithe Applotment Books (1823-38) or the later Griffith's Valuation (1848-64). Griffith's is freely available here: or here: Failte Romhat has lots of other useful links you could try looking at. Tithe Applotment Books (1823-38). Microfilm copies of the books for all of Ireland are available at the National Archives of Ireland (NAI) or the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS).

    You can information about the frequency of the name in the mid-19th century and any other variant spellings of the name here:

    Hopefully someone living in the local community will recognise the family names and be able to help you further.

    Please make sure you link anyone else in your family who is interested in their Irish heritage to our site - and indeed anyone else you know of Irish heritage.

    Kind regards,

    Sinead Cooney

    Genealogist (Ireland XO)

    Thursday 28th June 2012, 03:54PM