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Carrigan ancestry in Co.Tipperary < 1850

27-Apr-20 12:10
Ireland XO Community, All 3 Thank you, M/M McCoy for the
by Tayt Taylor 29-Apr-20 12:02

james lynch

10-Apr-20 21:12
Ireland XO Community, Kilcummin (Galway) 3  
by McCoy 11-Apr-20 15:30

Looking for Keadys

2-Mar-20 15:48
Oughterard (Galway), Kilcummin (Galway), Ireland XO Community 5 Thank you! I didn't have Michael Sr
by MartialiaFiles 2-Mar-20 17:00

john lynch

18-Feb-20 14:57
Ireland XO Community, Kilcummin (Galway) 3 Michigan, County Marriage Records,
by lynch (GALWAY) 23-Feb-20 4:53

James Quinn, 1796-1874

12-Feb-20 10:55
Ireland XO Community, Galway, Kilcummin (Galway) 4  
by McCoy 16-Feb-20 14:50

patrick lynch and wife marcella flanagan

16-Oct-19 22:58
Kilcummin (Galway) 5 we are not sure if Mary Lynch may
by roma 10-Dec-19 3:09

Thomas F Geoghegan - Mary Kelly - Oughterard (mid 1800s)

14-Oct-19 2:29
Ireland XO Community, Oughterard (Galway), Kilcummin (Galway) 9   Further to previous report,
by McCoy 2-Dec-19 16:27

Savages Oughterard

20-Aug-19 21:24
Kilcummin (Galway) 1

Searching for info on Bridget 'Delia' Foley/Folan from Taughmore, Spiddal, Co.Galway

26-Sep-16 15:20
Kilcummin (Galway) 5 Hi Wendy, thank you for the reply.
by danwas44 1-Jul-17 15:17


20-Aug-16 6:25
Kilcummin (Galway) 3 Thank you. Did people move about in
by Burragundy9 16-Nov-16 20:08

Is kilcummin Galway the Se parish as Kilcummin near Killarney? Thanks!

20-Aug-16 6:05
Kilcummin (Galway) 2 No. Completely different places.
by Elwyn 20-Aug-16 8:38

Searching for Henry Wallace

15-Apr-16 23:31
Kilcummin (Galway) 8  
by enufclap 2-Oct-16 21:48

Searching for McDonagh

4-Sep-15 2:12
Kilcummin (Galway) 3 Roger,   Thank you for your
by Holly Oak 15-May-16 17:42

Searching for McGillicuddys

30-Apr-15 4:59
Kilcummin (Galway) 5 Searching For McGillicuddys
by Castlemore Roscommon 6-May-15 19:39

Robinson & Tighe family of Rathlackan (Kilcummin) & Rathbal (Ballysakeery)

12-Mar-15 11:16
Kilcummin (Galway) 5 DNA
by lgr2323 14-Mar-15 2:55