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Thank you for the research and feedback from the wonderful volunteer researchers on this site! 

Timothy (Thady) McHugh (1803 -1874) and his wife Sarah nee Ryan (1813-87) were my direct ancestors. Timothy’s parents were Edward McHugh (born 1775) and his wife Winifred from County Galway. Sarah’s parents were Mark Ryan and Bridget Finn. Timothy was born in 1799 in Tiaquin. Timothy and Sarah were married in Abbeyknockmoy on 26 February 1828. The witnesses to the marriage were Martin Costelloe and James Shannessy (sic) whose sister Margaret Shaughnessy was married to Timothy’s brother John.

Timothy had other brothers. One was Patrick who married Bridget Connelly in the Parish of Cummer (Kilmoylan) 29 March 1835. The witnesses to their marriage were his brother Thomas McHugh and Honor Connelly. Their children were Patrick McHugh (1836–1890), Anne and Owen both baptised 7 April 1838, Kitty (Catherine) baptised 12 April 1840, James McHugh (November 1841–1918), Thomas McHugh (born June 1844), Mathias (Matthew) McHugh (1848–1933), Mary (born 23 Dec 1863) and Delia Brigid McHugh (1868–1941).

An unconfirmed record states that Timothy had a half- brother Edward (1801-1853) who was transported to NSW. I think that the patriarch Edward McHugh Senior may have died in Abbeyknockmoy 29 April, 1847.

Timothy and Sarah McHugh lived with their children in Barnaderg. Their parish priest was Father John McLoughlin who confirmed their baptism records for emigration officials before they left for NSW in 1840.

Timothy and Sarah had six Irish born children:

  1. Bridget baptised on 28 January 1829. She is unknown in online sources but I found her name in the Abbeyknockmoy Parish Record. Her baptism sponsors were Arthur Potter and Bridget Kelly. She must have died in Ireland as she did not make the voyage to New South Wales.
  2. Winifred who was born in October 1829; she arrived in the colony at the age of 12. She died in 1919.
  3. Michael who was born in 1831 and baptised in 1832. The witnesses to his baptism were Edward Fleming and Sarah Ruane . He arrived in New South Wales at the age of 10. He died in 1865.
  4. John Edward who was born on 21st June 1834; he was aged 7 when he arrived in New South Wales. He died on 30th July 1910 in Maitland.
  5. Another daughter (name unknown) who was born in 1836 and died in 1840.
  6. Mary who was aged 4 when she arrived in New South Wales. She died in 1903.

Timothy, Sarah, Winifred, Michael, John Edward and Mary set sail for New South Wales aboard the “Albatross” on 23 July 1841. The spelling of our name was changed to McCue in 1840 by the by NSW emigrant agent.  

I’m writing a non - commercial family history book and am keen to learn and share information about the connected families with anyone who’d like to know!

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Diane Palos

Wednesday 28th November 2018, 02:41AM