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The Stankards

I am searching for the birthplace of my great great grandfather, William Stankard, who was born abt. 1815.  There were or still are Stankards in Kiltullagh.    William's wife was Ellen Taylor.  They immigrated to the USA 1849.

 Was fmy ancestor William from  Kiltullagh? If not, how can I find out what parish he or Ellen were from?


Wednesday 8th February 2012, 01:43AM

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  • Hello Kathleen

    Thank you for posting your genealogy request.  I will forward your request to the Kiltullagh parish volunteers and we will try and source what information there is available. We will get back to you shortly.


    Paula Kennedy

    Wednesday 8th February 2012, 11:28AM
  • Hello

    There are Stankards in Aughrim, they maybe connected to your ancestors. I will forward your request to the families there.

    Will be in touch again.


    Paula Kennedy

    Friday 10th February 2012, 11:01AM
  • Hi Kathleen,

    The earliest record i can locate here in the parish of Kiltullagh/Killimordaly is on the 1821 Census for Owen Stankard and his wife Bridget from the townland of "Clashganney"


    Owen             53 Farmer, Labourer

    Bridget Wife 42

    Denis   Son 16

    John     Son 14

    Martin   Son   9

    Owen   Son   Under 1

    Mary     Daughter 12

    Anne    Daughter 7

    Mary     Daughter 5

    Bridget Daughter 2

    From googling various other pieces of information come up, Son Martin (aged 9 above) marries Mary Lyons, their daughter Bridget (born 25 Jan 1846) & Owen move to Oldham, Manchester, England, while John stays in the area. Owen can also be referenced as Eugene.

    A Eugene Stankard married Eleanor Flannery also from the parish Thomas Stankard born Jan 1864, John Stankard born 14 May 1865, Michael Stankard born 31 August 1866, Martin Stankard born 7 January 1869, Denis Stankard born 8 Feb 1870, Anne Stankard born 7 July 1871, Mary Standard 6 September 1872.

    Stankards are still here in the parish in the townland of Knocknadolla (also spelt Knocknadaula), Kiltullagh the neighbouring townland to Clashganny...just a field or two away. Can you email me at kiltullaghkillimordaly @ and I will give you the name and contact details for the family.

    The Stankard family Graveyard is in the neighbouring Parish of Bullaun, Loughrea a few miles away.

    I'm afriad I cannot answer if your William Stankard and Ellen Taylor are from the parish of Kiltullagh/Killimordaly, I was using Google and a William Stankard c.1815 - 1893 and his wife Ellen (1820 - 1882). Williams father was also William and his children were

    Birth of William Stankard 1815
    Birth of Thomas Stankard 1824 County Mayo, Ireland    
    Birth of Mary Stankard 1827
    Birth of Katherine Stankard January, 1854         
    Birth of Edward Stankard March 17, 1854    
    Birth of Michael Stankard April, 1859

    the reason I mention this family is the connection to a post you have on the Athenry section of this IRO page which mentions Williams brother Thomas was married to Isabella Brown. This is the case here
    Thomas Stankard (1824 - 1889) in County Mayo married Isabella Brown in 1859 (Isabella born 1838) and had many children.

    Not sure whether the County Mayo is true in this case but I would suggest getting in touch the person that placed this information up can be contacted via where this information is accessable. This might already be your collection of information and if so apologies for duplicating info (but hopefully might also help someone else)

    If your search has not already taken you there, there were and I think still are Stankards in Cappataggle, Ballinasloe (about 10 miles from here) Civil Parish of Killallaghten, Galway. e.g. William Stankard & Honora Skehill
     - Mary (born 12/5/1809)
     - Anne (born 3/7/1812)
     - Bridget (born 2/11/1819)
     - Edmund (born 10/26/1821)
     - John (born 6/13/1823)
     - Thomas (born 11/18/1824)
     - Patrick (born 3/5/1826)


    getting back to the Kiltullagh/Killimordaly Stankards,

    Owen Stankard 12 Acres in "Clashagena" on the Tithe Applotment  which was held in Kiltullagh around 1825.

    Griffiths Valuation of Ireland

    Shankard John Knocknadaula

    The 1911 Census shows Stankards in Knocknadaula (where they still live today)

    StankardOwen74MaleHead of FamilyRoman CatholicStankardEllen71FemaleWifeRoman CatholicStankardMichael41MaleSonRoman CatholicStankardCatherine35FemaleDaughter in LawRoman CatholicStankardJohn2MaleGrand SonRoman CatholicStankardMary Ellen1FemaleGrand DaughterRoman Catholic

    email through to kiltullaghkillimordaly @ and I will give you the contact name for the Stankard family that still live here. They might be able to help you out.

    All the very best

    Michelle @ Kiltullagh/Killimordaly IRO


    Monday 13th February 2012, 06:23PM