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My grandmother Catherine Connelly was born in Loughrea on 5 May in 1875. The daughter of Thomas Connelly and Bridget Finnerty, she and her siblings eventually emigrated to Connecticut in the USA. I have some genealogical records from a family history center there in East Galway which have proved very useful. I myself have travelled to Loughrea in 2003. But I found no living relatives while there and do not know where Bridget and Thomas Connelly are buried. Is it possible to fnd a death record, and burial information for my great grandparents there in Loughrea. It is my future plan to return to Loughea with my sister once we are all fully retired. We would very much like to visit the gravesite if known to pay our respects to those who survived  and passed on their genes to us. Any help wuld be greatly appreciated.

Betsee Talavera


Tuesday 17th January 2012, 11:19PM

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  • Hi Betsee

    Many thanks for your genealogy message. I will see what genealogy information there is available and get back to you.

    Would you have any additional information..... brothers or sisters she might have.



    Paula Kennedy

    Monday 6th February 2012, 03:34PM
  • Hello Paula,

    Thanks for your help. Catherine Connelly's siblings were: Thomas J, born circa 1864; Julia Maria, 1867; Mary Anne, 1871; and Martin 1885. Two infants, Maria Catherine and John, both died in their first year. All emigrated to the US, but Mary Anne AKA Molly returned to Ireland at some point. We don't know her fate.

    I appreciate the assistance. Sincerely yours, Betsee



    Sunday 29th April 2012, 05:30AM
  • For the Connollys in Rural and Loughrea town 10901 census see


    Wednesday 22nd January 2014, 11:08AM