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My family is from Co. Galway but not the South East.  I'm excited to see a program like this one.  I'm looking forward to seeing more like it!

Paula Kennedy

Tuesday 29th November 2011, 12:35PM

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  • Hi There

    You contacted us with a genealogical query in the past. Unfortunately at the time we were still in our pilot phase and not in a position to be as helpful as we wished to be. We're delighted to say that our website has now gone nationwide and we have added your query to our new website for you in the relevant area (province or county (if known).

    If you wish, please forward your ancestors names and we will endeavour to find out what information we can.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.



    Ireland Reaching Out

    email: or


    Paula Kennedy

    Tuesday 29th November 2011, 02:00PM