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My husband's gr grandfather was WILLIAM BIRMINGHAM or a spelling variation - Bermingham/Bermegham!  A/c to various sources he was born Ireland or Galway c1852.  He married Mary Alice Bentley in Birmingham, England on May 16 1880 in Sparkbrook & died Sept 11 1900 in Kings Norton, Birmingham.  His father was WILLIAM BIRMINGHAM a gardener on his marriage certificate.  I have his marriage certificate from 1880 & his entry in 1881 census, & later ones, in Birmingham.  There is a possible entry for him in 1871 born Galway & a possible entry for his family in 1861 in Birmingham with father William a gardener & mother Bridget all born Ireland. Ages not quite right!  These are speculative.

I'm sure this is all too vague but could anyone link these facts to families in Ireland?


Olive Broadfield

Ireland Reaching Out

Tuesday 29th November 2011, 11:05AM

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  • Hi Olive

    Many thanks for your email. I note that you mention William Birmingham was a gardener. Just a thought, but he could have worked in some of the large landlord estates in Galway??

    Keep us posted of any additional information.



    Paula Kennedy

    Tuesday 29th November 2011, 02:20PM
  • I had forgotten I had posted this!!  I have noticed an error.  I don't know why I put in the heading that William Jnr was married in 1871. It was 1880 as I also said. My husband - his gr grandson - has had his DNA taken & it came up with Galway!  Family tradition said he had a brother who was a RC priest but whether in Ireland or Birmingham I don't know. If the earlier census finds are correct the family must have come over after 1852 as every entry says he was born in Ireland.

    Olive Broadfield 

    Olive Broadfield

    Sunday 21st October 2018, 07:22PM