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My Grandmother left Galway at 12 years old to work as a maid for a family in Iowa, USA.  Marie/Maria Anne Mitchell was born in 1885, I believe, in Ballymoe to Joan Burke Mitchell and Bernard Mitchell (both buried in Kilcroan Cemetary).  I have asked for Baptimal records from the RC Diocese of Elphin but they said they found no record.  I am not sure of exact date of birth and there is no one alive in my family that can help.  This is based on what is on my Mother's Birth Certificate which said my Grandmother was 25 years old at the time of the birth in 1910 and was born in Ireland.  I would really lke to obtain Irish citizeship but need proof of my Maternal Grandmother's birth in Ireland.  I plan to come to Ireland May 2023 and would really appreciate any help finding the required record of Irish Birth.  If anyone can help find the record before next Spring, so much the better, as I can file the citizenship papers sooner.  What ever help I can get would be so greatly appeciated.  I do know I have some living relatives still in the area but I do not have addresses or phone numbers:  Luke Mannion, Anne Mannion (different married name) and several Mitchells.


Monday 8th Aug 2022, 12:45AM

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  • MAC:

    A few questions because your grandmother's birth/baptismal record is not showing up using Bernard as the father and Burke as her mother's maiden name. Did Marie have siblings and what were their names and ages? What was the year of death for Bernard and Joan?

    There is a Facebook group called East Galway Genealogy and DNA. There are over 6000 members. If you have not tested your DNA, I would suggest that consider a test.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 8th Aug 2022, 12:03PM
  • I will have to visit Kilcraon Cemetary to get the dates, unless the cemetary has that information online.  I have no one living to answer my questions and they were not very forthcoming when they were around.  Thank you for the suggestions.


    Monday 8th Aug 2022, 09:19PM
  • Hi Mac, 

    there is on Irish Geneology the following:

    Mary Mitchell, born March 1 1886, to parents Patrick Mitchell and Bridget Mitchell (born Ganly), in Polshask, near Ballymoe, Co Galway. Mary Mitchell birth 1886.pdf

    (Civil Registration District Office = Glenamaddy)


    I hope this is helpful.





    Friday 2nd Sep 2022, 09:08AM

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