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Searching for ancestors

We have traced our ancestory back to Bartley Noone and Catherine Griffin's marrage in the Mulcullen Parrish. We have evidence that they were married in the church in Moycullen on 10 Feb 1850.  Witnesses were Thaddeus Faherty and Bridget Griffin.

We have numerous ancestors from mostly the Galway area and west of Ireland.  We have been able to trace most of them back to the mid-nineteenth century in Ireland and speculate that they all either came to the USA on their own or were forced to leave during the Great Famine

Our Irish bloodlines:







Looking forward to any information anyone my have.

Thank you, Bridget (Thomas) Miller


Tuesday 13th June 2017, 07:40PM

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  • Bridget:

    Welcome to ireland Reaching Out!

    If you don't have the image of the marriage record in Moycullen, here is a link

    I checked on Roots Ireland and they have records starting in 1848 for Moycullen RC  but there is an annotation that earlier records back to 1786 are in the National Library in Dublin.

    I did not find any baptismal records on Roots Ireland for children of Bartly Noone and a mother with the surname Griffin. Did they emigrate after the marriage.

    We can look for records for others ancestors if you provide names and approximate year of birth. Parents names would be a big help. We are constrained that many parishes in the West of Ireland have records starting 1850 or later.

    You can also enter your family surnames in our search box at the top of our main message board. Possibly someone with similar connections posted an earlier message.

    Have you considered autosomal DNA testing?

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Tuesday 13th June 2017, 08:12PM
  • Thank you for getting back.

    Here is what we know so far, my brother has done extensve research:

    1) this shows Bartly and Catherine married Feb 10 1850

    2)  I think they came to the USA sometime after the marriage.  I couldn't find them in the 1860 census, but in the 1870 census, it shows their first son, Patrick, as being born in the Distrit of Columbia in 1855.    That doesn't necessarily mean that he was, as census takers weren't often real accurate, but he probably was.  Also, Catherine couldn't read nor write and was working as a domestic servant.   I think in the 1880 census, she was a washerwoman.  Her son, Patrick, went off to the military.  Her other son, Michael Vincent, was our GG Grandfather.  He was a blacksmith at the Navy Yard, and I believe he once lived in a house right there at the entrance to Nationals Park.   He went off for a little while to fight the Indians, but was primarily also a blacksmith during that time.

    3)  John McLane was born about 1831, and I think he is from County Clare

    Norah Craighan was born about 1825.  not sure where, perhaps Limerick.  She embarked in Limerick and came to USA 30 June 1849 at age 20.  That map we saw at Athenry castle mentioned that family surname as being from Limerick, as well.

    Bartley Noone born about 1829

    Catherine Griffin born about 1833

    Daniel Shanahan born about 1818

    Mary Regan born about 1821 arrived New York 10 May 1847 departing from Liverpool.  I noticed the name Regan in those marriage records for Moycullen, but not sure where she's from.

    4) My brother (Timothy Thomas) and I both have had our DNA test done,  I am 58% Irish.

    If you can add anything further of find anyone alive that might be related, that would be fantatic.  We vacationed in Galway just a month or so ago and were introduced to a wonderful family, The Noon's, whom we believe to be related,  we are currently trying put the pieces together.

    Have a good one.




    Wednesday 14th June 2017, 11:39AM
  • Bridget:

    You won't find Bartly and Catherine's baptismal record online. Since the National Library supposedly has earlier Moycullen records, you may want to visit the NLI on your next trip back.

    You may want to consider a short-term subscription to Roots Ireland to search for some of these ancestors but having their parents names ito verify any records found is very helpful. Finding death records or obituaries is helpful for parents names.

    Since you and/or your brother belong to Ancestry, an upgrade to the Ancestry World subscription would be useful. Ancestry and Find My Past worked on automating the RC parish registers last year. Those records are now available on both sites which require subscriptions. I recently upgraded to the Ancestry World subscription at a very reasonable price. They give discounts to people who also tested with Ancestry DNA which is the company I assumed you tested with.

    There is a volunteer run site called Gedmatch where you can load your raw DNA data from the company you tested with and see if you match someone who tested with another company and also loaded their data to Gedmatch. There are also some very good analytical tools on Gedmatch.

    I have tested with Ancestry and Family Tree plus Gedmatch and I e-mail my closests matches try to determine which surname we match on. You don't always get a reply but you need to have patience and breakthrus eventually happen.


    Castlemore Roscommon

    Wednesday 14th June 2017, 07:30PM
  • Thank you so much for the valuable information


    Wednesday 14th June 2017, 08:08PM
  • Hi BEMiller,

    An earlier post mentions "You won't find Bartly and Catherine's baptismal record online. Since the National Library supposedly has earlier Moycullen records, you may want to visit the NLI on your next trip back".  The earliest register for Moycullen is actually on line but you need patience and good eye for trawling through bad handwriting!  Baptismal records for Moycullen dated 2/1/1786-9/3/1823, 4/1/1837-5/5/1841, 6/10/1843-3/10/1848, and 4/11/1848-14/8/1881 can be found at  The original of the earliest of the registers is actually held in the Diocesan Archives at Galway Cathedral, but it's probably just as easy (if not easier!) to browse it on line, at least then you can enlarge the text when you need to!!!! (The other registers are still at parish office in Moycullen).

    Fr. Blake, a parish priest of Moycullen, carried out a census of the men in the village from 1793-1813 and it can be searched on our Moycullen Historical Society website at  Whilst a little before Bartley Noone's time, it still may prove helpful in your search.  (Please note Fr. Blake obviously wasn't great at spellings!!!!! Noone is spelled without the e).  You will see that most of the Noon's on the register were living in the adjoining townlands of Newtown and "Oghery" (now called Oldtown).  [Oghery was once the original name for the combined townlands of Newtown and Oldtown, these townlands also had a tie with Knockbane, where I am presuming you met the lovely Noone family on your visit].  Griffin is also a popular name in the Moycullen townland of Newtown.


    Hazel Morrison
    (Moycullen Historical Society)




    Thursday 17th August 2017, 05:23PM