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My grandmother was Mary Conneely (1892 - 1961), from Letterpeak. She married my grandfather, John Kearns (1877 - 1962) from Tooreeny. They are buried in Moycullen Church.


My great-grandparents were Thomas Conneely, Born Shannagurraun, died Letterpeak, (1839 - 1922). He married Bridget Caulfield (1861 - 1938).


I think my great-great-grandparents were Patrick Conneely (1809 - 1881) and Maire Curran (1810 -  ).


I've been unable to find where the Conneelys, Caulfields and Currans are buried, but I'm not really sure that I know where to look. Any ideas?


Also, is there a way to go back any further, as I'm not sure if there are any other records I could search that may be held locally?



Monday 25th Jul 2022, 01:21PM

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  • Hi Anne

    Welcome to IrelandXO.  I have come across a few bits for you -

    I came across some items - can you send your email address and will send them on. 

    Phyl, IrelandXO Volunteer



    Monday 25th Jul 2022, 02:58PM


    Thanks very much!



    Monday 25th Jul 2022, 03:20PM
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  • Anne,

    Attached record of Letterpeak c1828. No Conneely recorded there.

    Griffith's Valuations taken c.1853 and printed in 1855 record Patrick Conneely in Letterpeak.

    The surname Kearns is recorded in Tooreeny.



    Monday 25th Jul 2022, 06:58PM
  • Anne,

    I have contact with a great granddaughter of Thomas Conneely of Letterpeak.

    She is willing to assist you in relation to cemeteries.

    She has consented to her email address being shared with you, should you wish to be in contact

    with her.



    Tuesday 26th Jul 2022, 04:56PM
  • Thanks, I've emailed you.



    Wednesday 27th Jul 2022, 10:13PM


    One  - Coonneely, Caulfield, Curran per Anne Kearns. Wednesday 27th - 10.13 p.m.



    Thursday 28th Jul 2022, 07:43PM
  • Hi,

    Bridget Caulfield's father was Seán Caulfield, who was twice married.

    Bridget descends from Seán and Bridget Lydon.

    I descend from Seán and his second wife Margaret Folan.

    They are maternal great great grandparents of mine.

    Prior to ca 1906, the Conneelys and Caulfields would be buried

    in the Spiddal Village graveyard.  After ca 1906, Caulfields and Conneelys

    were buried out at the Knock cemetery, about 2.5 miles west of Spiddal Village.

    where there are Caulfield and Conneely gravemarkers. Seán's mother was

    Mary Caufield, who died in 1877 at the age of 100, according to the civil death registration.

    She would be buried in the Spiddal graveyard, which has no recognizable Caulfield headstones.

    There are two possibilities; many headstones have eroded, being of limestone, and

    many families were too poor to afford a stone marker. Mary is in the Spiddal church mortuary records.

    Back in the day, there were two Conneely clans up by Boluisce Lough.

    Patrick in Letterpeak, and Martin in Shannagurran. Patrick and Martin passed within two weeks of each

    other in 1881. I've always suspected they were brothers. Not been able to prove that.

    Martin Conneely is my maternal third great grandfather.


    I hope this is of some help.

    John Keady


    Saturday 5th Nov 2022, 10:17PM

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