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Catherine was born 27 OCT 1866 in Clonklea, Muingbaun, Kilquain, Galway, Portrumna, Ireland to Thomas Redden and Mary Maher. She was wed to Mathew Gannon on 27 Aug 1892 in the Killmore and Tiernascragh Parish . Her husband died in Birr Offaly on the 19 May 1902 verified by the Civil Registrations of Death..In the parish registers it mentions in the Killimore and Tiranascragh Registers under her Baptism Record her second marriage to Patrick Dalton on 3 May 1908 in Brackloon,Clonfert, Galway, Ireland. Which I have confirmed from the Brackloon Parish Register. She died in Dublin in 1934 but she was alleged to have been buried in Galway. I am assuming that their is a family plot in or near Clonklea that she is buried, possibly the Tiernascragah Grave Yard. Can anyone tell me where I might find her Burial Record or maybe her Headstone?

Saturday 9th September 2017, 05:02PM

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  • Frederick:

    Welcome back to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I will alert our parish liaison in Tiernascragh about your message.

    You may want to add your ancestor stories to our XO Chronicles site

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 9th September 2017, 05:54PM
  • As always thanks Roger

    Sunday 10th September 2017, 01:39PM
  • Hi there Frederick,

    Did you ever reach out to Father Michael Redden -

    He is originally from Clonkela, Tiernascragh - has been a priest in Atlanta, GA for many years. His grandfather is buried in Tiernascragh - saw the grave only the other day. Somehow, Tiernascragh churchyard was not used for burials very much until the 1920's or so - its the case with many graveyards - or at least - no headstones where put up. Father Michael has been interested in his family history - you should connect.

    I remember his Dad very well.  A great man for stories and local history. Wish I had recorded a few. 


    Mike Feerick

    Monday 11th September 2017, 03:49PM
  • Hello, Mike

    The fact that Fr, Redden is from Clonklea and that his fore name is Michael indicates to me that he is more than likely related to me. Alas Fr. Michael is presently unassigned at the Archdioses of Atlanta which ,indicates that he is more than likely retired or infirmed.If he was living at a parish rectory it normally would show that in the directory. However it did not indicate that he was living in the retirement home for priests. Would you happen to have his e-mail address or other means to contact him?


    Mike you mentioned that you saw his Grandfather's grave a few days ago do you know his name and possible date of birth and death He may be the son of John Redden born 1909, or his brothers Peter and Thomas but I am taking a guess here





    Tuesday 12th September 2017, 01:24PM
  • Hello Fred,

    I was at the graveyard in Tiernascragh and took this picture for you.  These are relations of yours I believe, but the Catherine you are looking for is not here.  If I recall corrrectly, the Redden family were from further east in Galway.  Might be have been buried in Meelick or Clonfert?



    Mike Feerick

    Monday 16th October 2017, 10:23PM

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  • Mike,,


    Yes these are my relatives and thank you for the Photo. The Mary mentioned at the top of the stone was born Mary Hall and her husband John Redden is my Great Grand Uncle. My Great Grand Father Michael Redden was John's brother and he lived with his wife Bridget Pender Redden in Ballynakill, Clonfert, Ballinasloe, Galway. which is east of Tiernascragh. Michael was born in Clonkelagh but is buried in the Clonfert Cemetery with Bridget and his son Edward. I guess the search for Catherine continues. Would you know if there are any burial records kept for the Tiernascragh Cemetery and if so where are they maintained?

    Once again Thank you so much Mike

    Fred Jaeger

    Tuesday 17th October 2017, 01:09PM
  • Quick answer here - you have looked at the online National Library records have you?  All the Tiernascragh / Kilimor records are there - if frustratingly together. 

    Mike Feerick

    Wednesday 18th October 2017, 08:53AM
  • Hello Mike,


    The Parish Records are only available up to 1881 for Baptisms and Marriages at registers.nil. There are no burial records available at all for Kilimor/Tiernascragh. I have used this website on numerous occassions some parishes have burial records for thieir church yards but they also end in 1881. It appears that the burial records for Tiernascragh are held indipendently from the Parish Church. 



    Thursday 19th October 2017, 02:27PM


    My Cousin Geraldine Redden Swansoon is staying on Portumna this week and the next. Do you have any redommendations I could dhare with them. They went to the Portumna Castle today Sunday the 11th. Fred


    Sunday 11th August 2019, 10:09PM